Token2049 Singapore 2023: A successful event for the crypto industry

By Marius Morra, CEO and Co-founder of TOKERO Crypto Exchange

Token2049 Singapore 2023, the world’s largest crypto event, took place on 13-14 September 2023 at the Sands Expo & Convention Center at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, a gorgeous venue in a gorgeous city-country. The event brought together over 10,000 attendees from over 3,500 companies representing a wide range of areas in the crypto industry, including trading, investing, development, technology and governance.

A successful event

Token2049 Singapore 2023 was a success in terms of participation, content and networking opportunities. The event was sold-out weeks before it started, and attendees could choose from a wide range of sessions, panels and social events.

The content of the event was of high quality, providing attendees with information and insights from some of the industry’s most important leaders. Brand speakers included Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, Justin Sun, founder of TRON, and the Winklevoss twins, founders of the US-based Gemini exchange.

The twins are also well-known for the scandal with Zuckerberg, who they accused of stealing the Facebook idea from them and who offered them $65 million in a settlement. With some of that money, the twins bought Bitcoin and founded Gemini. Their story is presented in the book “Billions in Bitcoin” which I highly recommend.

The networking opportunities were also excellent. Participants had the opportunity to meet and interact with other industry professionals, learn from each other and create new partnerships.

Emerging trends in the crypto industry

Token2049 Singapore 2023 provided a look at emerging trends in the crypto industry. Among the topics discussed were:

• Web3 and metaverse development

• Adoption of cryptocurrencies by financial institutions

• The impact of cryptocurrencies on the world economy

The impact on the crypto industry

Token2049 Singapore 2023 has had a positive impact on the crypto industry. The event helped increase visibility and awareness of the industry, created new business opportunities and promoted collaboration between industry players.

From Romania, I, Marius Morra, participated as the CEO and Co-Founder of TOKERO and also another 12-15 Romanians, either coming directly from Romania or from other countries where they are active in international projects.

In addition to the main event, there were dozens (yes, dozens) of so-called side-events, events organized individually by projects participating in the conference.


Token2049 Singapore 2023 was a successful event that marked an important moment in the development of the crypto industry. The event also provided a platform for industry professionals to meet, discuss and collaborate to build a better future for cryptocurrencies.

The next event organized under the Token2049 brand will be next year on April 18-19 in Dubai.

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