Adapting to the new digital and investment reality

By Marius Morra, CEO and Co-founder of TOKERO Crypto Exchange

It’s a little while and spring is coming.
What would you think of a farmer who, instead of owning the land with a tractor (whether it’s a rented one) starts to dig it?
I come from the country and tell you that no one really does this anymore and those who do are left behind and become uncompetitive. They just do subsistence farming. Been there, done that.

Now what do you think of people who do not evolve from a professional point of view and thus have to keep the same job, the same income for years, and even more they are constantly threatened (rightly) that someone better (or the feared AI) can take their place?

Times are changing at an accelerated pace. I don’t think it’s comfortable at all to see an 8-9 year old earn 10 times better than you just by opening your favorite toys and doing unboxing on Tik-Tok or Youtube.

I know the comfort zone comes disguised in many arguments but at the end of the day, change is only up to us and the decisions we make.
The same is true with investments.

Until I was 22-23 years old, I only heard about saving, a healthy habit but which, due to inflation, will never help you exponentially.

Then I heard about investments. The stock market seemed complicated for my level of knowledge, for real estate you need quite a lot of initial capital.

For those who have made such investments though, good returns come with the years. Patience, persistence, compound interest, nothing wrong with that. But it lasts.

Then, there is the conjuncture, the timing and the adaptation to the present.

The child above could not have made thousands of euro 15 years ago when
there were no smartphones, monetized YouTube or Tik-Tok. But they appeared and the child adapted.

The equivalent of this situation in finance is represented by cryptocurrencies which have infinitely higher returns than most types of investments. They also come with a high degree of risk, but which can be substantially reduced by the amounts invested and by crypto-specific financial education.

But the situation is not about “I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t want to hear” but about “I’m curious, I want to learn, I want to adapt.”

A trivial strategy – investing in bear-market (1 year ago) when Bitcoin was 20,000 dollars and selling now at 50,000 represents a return that is obtained in 10-15 years in other fields.

Is it wrong to look for easier ways to get money? Of course NOT!
We were raised hard and with many limiting beliefs.

The 8-year-old who makes thousands of euros from Tik-Tok is not interested in limiting beliefs. He just adapted to the present and is making it fruitful.

The harsh truth is that your kids won’t care either if you wanted to hang with the crowd or looked for the smarter way to do things. He will be interested in what you put on his table, put in his pocket or leave him an inheritance.

In 2024, the internet is full of information, you have tons of people to learn from, and you just have to want to.

The choice is yours alone. Are you the farmer hoeing in 2024 or are you the kid making thousands playing with his favorite toys?

If you don’t know anything about crypto anymore and the article seems long to you, you still think I’m stupid but you don’t even want to understand, you should ask yourself serious questions why you are at this point.


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