Land-based Live and also online Casino at Palace Casino – Casa Vernescu
By Andreea Ion – Marketing & PR Manager

It’s summer!
For those from the gambling industry summer brings the opposite feeling compared to those who enjoy seasonal tourism. In Bucharest you can suddenly feel that you travel more easily by car. Or when you’re on Calea Victoriei, you no longer stay for 15 minutes next to Casa Vernescu – at 18.00 o’clock, just because of traffic.
How are the gambling operators affected during this period?
Probably the same as we are, in land-base casino. The number of foreign tourists grows, while the number of customers from the local market drops.
But, from the experience of the last years, we realize that when you manage to gain the fidelity of a customer, then your business is only little affected.
It is true that any Bucharest inhabitant leaves on holiday during summer, but not more than 2 weeks, by rotation, which means a decrease by no more than 10% in the number of customers participant to the game.
The Palace Casa Vernescu represents a point of attraction for most of the foreign tourists. Starting with this year it is included on the official Bucharest City Tour Guide map. Every day the foreign tourists are fascinated by the Palace where you can play the most popular Poker games or your favorite numbers at the American Roulette. Palace Casino is this season’s main attraction both for tourists, and for the local market, being the only live casino from Bucharest offering its customers 5 promotional actions at the same time.
The chances to be a winner are higher and higher. All the details are offered to the customers at the game table or even by one of the beautiful girls from the Public Relations department.
For each game, both the live games area and the slot area there are chances of winning one of the prizes or one of the Jackpots of the day. So, even if it’s summer, the atmosphere from the breezy Palace will make you come back.
Casa Vernescu was built from the very beginning with the purpose of hosting fun. And Palace Casino continues this tradition. It was the number 1 casino of the 2000’s, and the effort of the team grows, with a work dedicated to this tendency.
The fidelity points offer prizes to all customers. And not just any prizes, but a diversity of products from partners like S.T, Dupont, Grisogono, Cholley, Cerutti, Hugo Boss, as well as other surprises.

The reviews received from the visitors always emphasize the beautiful architecture of the building, but also the services offered.
However, a big minus is represented, unfortunately, by the entry fee, which, because of the language barrier, is not understood as a governmental tax, which affects the customer’s budget from the very beginning. Most of the foreign tourists have perceived it as an entry fee practiced by the casinos, no matter how hard we tried to explain that this is a fee strictly destined to the Romanian State. Countless attempts to display this information in all the circulation languages have finished by a certain increase of the number of customers who understand this, but cannot transmit it forward.
Over time we have approached even the tourism agencies in order to present them the information offered to the customers afterwards, but with no success.
We hope that in the near future we’ll come to meet all our customers’ needs, and the receptiveness of the foreign tourists would increase and take over the information we offer.
#CasinoLife is an article we write in order to be able to change the wrong opinion of many, in what regards the atmosphere in a live casino. Yes, we have the right to choose our customers! And we use this right with great responsibility.
We’re in the middle of summer, and we end by simply saying: Discover a Casino inside a Palace!
Come, we bet it’s cool.