Moment of truth

Casino Life & Business Magazine Editorial edition no. 135 / May 2021

June 1 is approaching and, as promised by the Prime Minister, we will return to a normal life.
There is little time left and we will see if his words are true or if they were just propaganda.
The premises are good. The number of diseases is decreasing day by day, the number of those at ATI is also decreasing, and the vaccination marathons are a real success. Gambling halls have opened in almost the entire country and it is only a step away from operating 24 hours a day.
However, the Prime Minister’s recent statement on the differences that will be created by the authorities between vaccinated and unvaccinated makes us think.
Anyway … we’ll live and see.

We must wait patiently!

Casino Life & Business Magazine Editorial edition no. 135 / May 2021

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