Casino Life & Business Magazine, holds an exclusive interview with Endorphina!

Endorphina is a well-known online slot provider, globally famous for its attractive and modern games, which has proposed an active expansion on the Romanian market. Benefiting from the inventiveness of an international team, its mission is to offer creative online slots that fit the tastes of all players. Endorphina Sales Director Kirill Miroshnichenko recently gave an interview in which he shared some ideas about the company’s vision:


Endorphina was founded in 2012 and since then you have launched more than 90 successful online games. How do you consistently launch at least 12 games a year?
Endorphina is an in-house slot provider that develops games from the concept stage, which allows us to monitor the entire process and launch games almost every month. Our mission is to always surprise our players with new appearances and to develop games that satisfy the tastes of each of them.

You have already launched 7 new games since the beginning of the year. What are their advantages? Can you measure the popularity of these games?
Each game comes with its own package of perks. Each slot game has its own original story and unique configuration. In some cases, the theme and logic of the game are chosen based on the target audience. Fortunately, all our games meet their goal of entering the market. Personally, I really like the game Cupid.

When you decide to approach new markets, you always manage to find new partners. In short, what are the markets you accessed last year and what are you planning to enter this year?
Last year was a generous year in terms of approaching new markets. We received the ONJN license (in Romania) and we also launched on the markets in Croatia and Belarus. They are very competitive markets, with a huge potential. This year we will continue the expansion process on the Romanian market. We maintain contact with most operators, and our games are already accessible to customers in very attractive projects. Our mission is to launch our products in casinos around the world, according to the particularities of those markets, and this process can sometimes take a long time, both for us and for the operators.

What can you tell us about authorization? When did you get your license? How was it?
We are very pleased to obtain the ONJN license. It is a very interesting market for us and we have wanted to access it for a long time. It is a regulated market, so before we approach it we studied it in terms of size, top operators and, last but not least, the preferences of the players. Then we started to prepare the necessary documentation to obtain the license. At the end of last year, I received the long-awaited license and launched several projects at the same time!

How do you grow your business in this field? Do you have slots specially designed for players? Are you known on the current Romanian market and, if so, what are the reactions?
We launched the Chance Machine series of games especially for Romania. These slots have been specifically designed to meet the demands of players in this area. I invite everyone to try these games, especially my favorite – Chance Machine 20, I’m sure many online slot enthusiasts will appreciate it. We are popular enough in the market and recognized as a reliable game provider; we consider our recent collaboration with Maxbet.ro an excellent example of certification of the prestige we enjoy.

Here’s what they have to say about working with Endorphina:
Victor Rusinov, general manager at Maxbet.ro, states the following:

Our partnership with Endorphina has offered our customers the prospect of unique slots and an excellent gaming experience. Starting with January of this year, we have added a series of Endorphina slots to our Maxbet.ro portfolio, very popular among players, with extremely satisfactory results.
Alexandra Oneata, product manager at Maxbet.ro, declares:

„We recorded substantial results for Maxbet.ro and numerous positive reactions from our clients regarding the degree of involvement on the Romanian market. We are delighted with the fruitful partnership with Endorphina and the fact that we share a common mission: to provide an excellent gaming experience.”

What are your plans for the future?
In terms of global projects for the current year, we will continue to delight our players with new releases, starting with Around The World and 2021 Hit Slot! In addition, we have already introduced a new feature for games, namely the Buy function. We are also focusing our efforts on accessing a new location, to allow an increased number of players to enjoy the slots offered by Endorphina. Stay with us to find out all the details!

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