ROMSLOT Association will participate in early June in a series of important events for European gambling market. ROMSLOT will take part in the third edition of the EUROMAT Gaming Summit, – the only industry event dedicated to the land-based gaming sector and will take part in the annual meeting of the European Gaming and Amusement Federation (EUROMAT).
The EUROMAT Gaming Summit will take place on 1 June 2017 in Berlin, this year’s edition being organised with the German association DAW (Die Deutsche Automatenwirtschaft).
The conference will bring together over 500 professionals from the land-based gaming sector: industry leaders, European level authorities, policy makers and media. ROMSLOT will be represented by Károly BUZAS, member of the EUROMAT Executive Committee.
„Direct contact, exchange of ideas and information, adoption trends and new technologies, but also the experience and image on the market can help business growth in this industry. We hope that in previous years, Romania will be a notable presence at this event and return with new ideas, proposals and technology, but also with new partnerships to develop a healthy and sustainable business together with the members of our organization „, says Károly BUZAS, member of the EUROMAT Executive Committee, on leaving for the industry’s most important summit.
The agenda of the event includes top-of-the-line topics for industry, from co-existence between land-based and online games, consumer and youth protection topics or regulatory local and European level.
„Trends at European level are to guide operators to the online environment and to open national markets for international operators. In terms of regulation of the gaming market, we specify that Romania is among the Eastern European countries that have defined the relevant legislation and showed a market opening for these operators”, added Károly BUZAS, ROMSLOT representative.

Innovation and technology are part of our daily life, and industries have to align or even be a step ahead of their audience to conquer it and keep it going. What innovation will bring to the land-based gaming industry will be one of the conference topics. Speakers will try to give answers to what do players want and how will this impact products in the future, but especially how technology is changing the player experience as well as player protection.
We are still talking about millennials, but is the gaming industry ready to meet the needs of the next generation of players?
Among those who will try some answers to this theme will be dr. Michael Auer. Dr. Auer holds a PhD in Psychology from Nottingham Trent University and a Master’s degree in statistics from the University of Vienna. He is a regular speaker at gambling conferences, collaborates with recognized scientists in the field, and has published numerous peer-reviewed papers on player tracking and Responsible Gaming.
He views Responsible Gaming as a way of creating a fun and safe gambling environment.
The day after the conference will be held the annual meeting of the members of EUROMAT in which there will be elections for a new executive management of the European Association.
ROMSLOT represented by Károly BUZAS, which is already 4th term will run for a new position within the Executive Committee of EUROMAT.
ROMSLOT, together with AOPJNR, also a member of EUROMAT, are partners in promoting the Romanian market and establishing strong links with European counterparts. As part of EUROMAT, all members of the Romanian Associations have access to the latest information and trends in the European slots market and are constantly connected to industry news. EUROMAT instigates dialogue with the European Union and other pan-European bodies to discuss gaming related public policy issues and represents its members’ views about legal, commercial and technical aspects of the business to guarantee the best possible future for the sector.

More information regarding the event, registration procedures, updated agenda, but also about all speakers present the EUROMAT Gaming Summit, you can find here

The European Gaming and Amusement Federation (EUROMAT) is the voice of the land-based gaming entertainment industry in Europe. A highly regulated and highly taxed industry section contributing to more than 250,000 jobs across Europe. The organisation was established in 1979 to represent, through its affiliated national associations, private sector operators of gaming machines and the manufacturers that supply them. Today, EUROMAT has 15 national member associations from 11 European countries, as well as two observer members from France and Hungary.


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