Rombet has participated in London at the beginning of February at Ice Totally Gaming, one of the most important events of the industry and where people from world gambling sector have talked about responsible gaming, an important and sensitive subject.

Mr. Dan Iliovici, Rombet, a person with an important experience in project development of responsible gaming in Romania, has declared that “Our presence at ICE 2016 has helped us to be connected with those which, globally, are developing responsible gaming major projects and are actively involved in this initiative. It is very important for our country to stay permanently connected with the novelties in gambling industry when is about responsible gaming”

dan iliovici

One of the most important debates is if, and in which way, the auto-excluding politics from the players with problems, would be a real solution to be successfully implemented in Romania. And, even if there are voices to conclude that an initiative like this would be welcome, the reality is that there are only very few cases when a player would eliminate itself, and would accept to drop the object of his addiction. With other words, the auto-eliminating programs would prove their necessity, but would not be enough “per se”. “We totally believe that the responsible gambling actions have to be done on different layers, from the family and from the player who’s confronting the problems to the personal who’s working in a land-based unit. The personal should be trained to identify the cases when a player is a risk of addiction” declared Mr. Iliovici. More than that, the perspective has to be a global one, considering that the online gambling popularity is growing from an year to another and is much more difficult to control all the addiction aspects. Some of the participants to the event held by Excel centre in London have considered that the industry would reorganize itself from the inside as the lawmakers, and the civil society would determine the operators to get mobilized.

dan ghita

“That’s why there is important for Romanian operators to put their forces together and transmit to the public opinion the image of a strong industry connected with the problems its players are confronting with and to support the to pass these problems”, has declared Mr. Dan Ghita, Rombet President.

cristina anghel

There are some responsible gaming programs in Romania developed independently at the Romanian gambling industry level like the partnership the Rombet association is developing with Cristina Anghel, psychologist. “We are happy that now there is a legal frame to support responsible gaming programs in order to manage our common efforts capable to value the gambling industry real goal – entertainment and socializing and, on the other part to demonstrate to that Romanian operators are giving importance to the responsible gaming projects”, declared Dan Iiliovici, Rombet prim-vice-president. Internally, at the end of the last month, Romanian gambling industry has recorded a historical moment. The implementing Rules for Gambling Law have been approved, opening the road to an area to advance its projects for responsible gaming, this time organized under the institutional frame of Public Interest Foundation dedicated to a social responsible gaming, existence considered as obligatory by our country legislation.

Although it would pass some time until the Public Interest Foundation and the Gambling Addiction Prevention will become functional, the Romanian gambling industry is continuing to move in the right direction. Also, we believe that all the efforts the operators have made in the responsible gaming direction should move forward even more support considering the model of the countries with tradition in the area.

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