The current global economic and geopolitical context generates new challenges for the business environment, triggering unexpected challenges of an unpredictable range. In these waters … unpredictable, the role of non-profit associations, of the civil society, independent consultants becomes capital, forming a critical mass opposite the harmful currents or … “disturbing noise,” as some analysts say.
The gambling industry, especially the “young” one in Romania, was not exempted from these disturbances. I have understood from the very beginning the role of ROMBET in bringing an added balance, unity, transparency and, why not, power in this special industry: of gambling. We have focused our efforts on unifying the ideas that are generated by the business environment, then, we have focused on dialogue between operators and authorities, on creating a fair and encouraging legislative framework on the rights and protection of players.

“A professional association cannot exist if you do not take your mission seriously to educate yourself, be the spearhead of the industry you represent, and if you are not constantly fighting for unity and a more transparent business climate.
We have transformed all of these into ROMBET’s mission and tried to determine as many operators and opinion leaders in Romanian gambling to adhere to this “cause”: a long term vision for the Romanian gambling industry”, said Mr. Dan Ghită, president of ROMBET.

Besides an intense activity of meetings and seminars around the country with ROMBET members as well as with business representatives, authorities or journalists, investors, partners, the Association has invested in a representative effort of Romania on an international level, in a rhythm that has intensified exponentially in the past two to three years.
Here is a summary of our international work, thanks to all our partners in the field that allow our members to have access to background information, discounts and special access and, of course, representation through the presence of ROMBET members at these particularly important events:

Prague Gaming Summit 2018

ROMBET participated for the first time at this significant regional event organized in the Czech Republic, where Mr. Bogdan Coman, Chief Executive Officer, moderated the panel on Polish law. Besides, the conference was designed to provide the latest information on regulatory updates in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and Poland. Workshops and seminars supported by top gaming experts, who are active online and territory players in the countries concerned, have provided operators and software vendors with information on what to expect in 2018 on how where they can apply for licenses and how licensing is possible.

Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference and Awards, Budapesta

ROMBET participated last year at this important event in the capital of Hungary, which is also a partner. Naturally, participation will continue in 2018 (September), to what the specialist press has called “a gambling bomb-event in one of the most visited cities in Europe”.
In just two years, the CEEGC became the most prestigious boutique gambling event where managers receive information about the markets in Central and Eastern Europe. The subtitle of the 2018 event is “The Era of Machine Intelligence and the way regulatory authorities have to keep pace with technology.”

Belgrade Future Gaming 2018

At this event in the capital of Serbia, ROMBET is due to participate for the first time in 2018. The first event took place in 2007 as a unique opportunity for terminal, software and accessories manufacturers to present their products for the first time in southeast Europe.
In recent years, this fair has gathered the world’s leading manufacturers of gaming products and platforms and has become the highest quality event.

VIGE – Vienna Gaming Expo

A benchmark event in Austria, where ROMBET participated last year, and this year decided to be represented by a stand. Besides the exhibition area, three conferences will cover a wide range of topics such as updating compliance policies, business opportunities on regulated markets, responsible gaming, fraud detection, customer retention, artificial intelligence, AR / VR, etc. ROMBET will, as usual, transmit updated real-time information from panels with more than 60 international experts and industry experts.

Eastern European Gaming Summit, Sofia

The capital of Bulgaria hosts one of the most important events dedicated to the gambling industry in the region. Last year, ROMBET participated with a speaker in the Responsible Gaming panel.
EEGS gathers experts and professionals from the online gambling, tourism and online tourism sectors around the world to share information, experiences and ideas.

EGR Online Gambling Briefing – Central and Eastern Europe, Prague

The capital of the Czech Republic also hosts an important event. EGR Online Briefing – Central and Eastern Europe is an exclusive event that brings together online gambling companies that have business or intend to enter the Central and Eastern European market. ROMBET attended in 2017 and will also participate in 2018 with a speaker.

iGB Live !, Amsterdam

In 2018, the iGaming Super Show, EiG and the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference will hold a consolidated event called iGB Live! It is announced to be the largest exhibition and conference dedicated to igaming, one that will focus on the networking, education and business needs of the industry. First iGB Live! will take place between July 17-20th, 2018 at RAI Amsterdam, where ROMBET will be honored to represent Romania.

WrB – World Regulatory Briefing, London

In October 2018, the UK capital will host WrB, a preferred platform for governments, regulators, operators and suppliers across the international iGaming industry to discuss current and future regulations. By monitoring the pulse of emerging jurisdictions, WrB provides primary business information in areas such as market entry, growth channels, consumer profile, and regulatory sustainability – an effective and efficient knowledge base in a politically fragmented environment. The conference is of major importance so it could not be missed by ROMBET members in 2018!

Betting on Sports, London

The famous Olympia London will be the place where Betting on Sports will be held this year – the most important event in the sports betting industry, and ROMBET will be present!
Not less than 50 conference sessions in 5 conference halls over three days. 200 of the best industry speakers will be at this event! In 2017, our association was a media partner for Betting on Sports. “The invitation we received to become media partners offered us the opportunity to once again represent the members of ROMBET beyond the borders of the country. It is an excellent opportunity to learn news, to conclude new partnerships and to draw attention to the potential of the Romanian gambling market for foreign investors “,said Mr. Dan Ghită, President of ROMBET.

ICE, London

ICE is Europe’s Gaming Industry Event, no doubt about that! ROMBET attended every edition, every year, proudly representing its members and the business interests of the Romanian gambling industry! A huge event where we always had a large delegation, representing the Romanian industry.
ROMBET, as the media partner of the event and the organizing company, but also as a representative of the domestic gambling industry, took the pulse on scene of the largest producers and service providers around the globe during the 3 days of the fair. With over 600 top companies participating, this year’s edition was by far the largest event in the ICE Totally Gaming series so far. We will also participate in 2019 and we will keep you posted with the latest trends and debates to be held at ICE London!

Sigma iGaming Malta

More than 12.500 participants are expected to attend one of Europe’s largest iGaming events with more than 200 speakers in 80 countries. It will be, for sure, a reference event, which ROMBET is attending for the first time this year! The event will take place in November and will give us the opportunity to pass on information from the scene and the conclusions of the most interesting and relevant conferences and seminars.

For us, at ROMBET, but also for the entire industry, 2018 has so far been a year of balance, despite regional and international geopolitical “inflections”. The business is solid, the opinions are more pronounced, more grounded, proving the maturity threshold that we wanted. ROMBET’s mission is transforming along with society and technology, into a more sophisticated and subtle one, acting proactively, generating sound and sustainable trends for the Romanian gambling industry. We hope to have better and better times!