Responsible Gaming, as part of CSR strategy, is the ultimate exam for any gambling business

Rombet proposed, ever since its establishment, to change the perception that society has on the gambling industry, often seen as a controversial field and marred by numerous prejudices.
Thus, the association’s efforts in recent years have focused heavily on meaning and the promotion of responsible gaming among both operators and the players, through various programs and seminars conducted by Rombet. „A mature market is one that constantly supports its players in taking the best decisions and understands the decisive role it has in empowering all those involved in gambling.
And the ultimate exam our operators will have to sustain is exactly that of the reponsible gambling. And we are not talking only from our internal experience, working with Rombet members on various JR projects, but also from the information that we collect constantly from our foreign partners of discussion, whom we meet at events where Rombet regularly attends „ said Mr. Dan Iliovici, senior vice president of Rombet.
One of the major challenges the voices supporting Responsible Gaming are facing is changing the perception of initiatives on CSR (corporate social responsibility) in the industry. These initiatives have become more numerous in recent years, if we think only about the workshops on the role of educating both operators and players, or about the assistance provided by specialized psychologists, as that advocated by Rombet and psychologist Cristina Anghel.
Unfortunately, sometimes the efforts of such initiatives are seen overshadowed by attacks coming from the media and others who question the legitimacy of the intentions that led to the initiation of such projects.
The purpose of the associations, such as Rombet, which represents the interests of its members including in the respect of CSR and Responsible Gaming, is precisely that to emphasize that the gambling organizers understand the responsibility they have towards the players, and that it desires an industry which is transparent, strong and unitary, which prioritizes the benefit of its clients.

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„ The message that we want to make known is that we understood that in the current social context, the power and success of an operator will be commensurate with the importance it grants to Responsible Gaming programs they carry. The most effective and innovative will prove itself to be in thinking and implementing them, the more competitive in the industry it will be and thus secures the loyalty of its customers, „said Mr. Dan Ghiță, Rombet President.
A study published by Forbes certifies exactly this, namely that 88% of consumers, including customers from the gambling industry, will choose a company with a strong policy of CSR, considering that an organization should strive to achieve their business goals without forgetting the important role it has inside the society. Moreover, the information published by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) showed that the CSR type practices and, implicitly JR for the gambling industry can bring added long-term value in terms of employee morale (50%), loyalty (41%), staff retention (29%), top recruiting (25%) and productivity (12%).
Operators in Romania understood that implementation of policies of transparency and solid CSR strategies will make them stronger, will win support from their customers,- who expect from them such measures-, and, in the industry, they will strengthen their position,- becoming trustworthy partners at the same table with the regulators.

dan iliovici

„The gaming industry is one of entertainment, innovation and creativity, but these traits have to become obvious in every sector of our acitivity, including that of Responsible Gaming and CSR.
I am convinced that we have all tools needed by which to grow the industry, using honest and socially responsible ways. And I say this because, sometimes, I saw how a CSR project which was well thought out and implemented contributed decisively to the success of business in general, „concluded Mr. Dan Iliovici first vice-president of the Association of Gambling Organizers Rombet.

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