As of today, Rombet – The Association of the Betting Organizers will start representing the companies in the gambling and betting industry.

The newly established association intends to have a fresh approach in this field. RomBet will bring a valuable contribution to the development of the activity in the gambling industry in Romania.
The association will aim to protect and promote the interests of the members and of the investments made, as well as the improvement of the relations between the organizers and the competent authorities.
RomBet will be the proxy for the organizers before the national and international authorities of this sector and will help with the building, compliance with and the development of the legal framework for such type of activities. It will similarly promote the professional competence on the gambling market.

The mission of RomBet consists in the following:
– notifying the central public authorities in case the control authorities makes use of abusive methods during their activities or take measures that violate the laws
– drafting legal proposals for adopting certain regulations that will unitarily and concisely stipulate the rights and obligations of the players on the gambling market
– notifying about the deficiencies and the legal inadvertencies in the current regulations
– representing the legitimate interests of its members before the competent state authorities.

„We will deliver an original approach to the market, a different relation with the state institutions in this sector, a certain balance between the business environment here and the competent authorities”, explains Dan Ghita, President of RomBet. „With our assistance, all members will have the advantage of a single representative in only one association, which owns the knowledge, expertise and the possibility of a quick reaction to any possible „attack” run against any area in this sector.
Any operator in the gambling market, with no exception, is welcome to join our association”, declares the President of RomBet.

Dan Alexandru Ghita – President of RomBet Association – has been gaining experience in the Romanian gambling market since 1998, after graduating the Faculty of Electronics of the Polytechnical Institute of Bucharest and receiving a degree in Business Management and of Investments from the Academy of Economic Studies.
In 2012, he was appointed as General Director of the Romanian Lottery.
On May 16, at 11, Radisson Hotel Bucuresti will host the launching event for RomBet, in the presence of the media representatives and of the companies on the gambling market.


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