The national projects dedicated to the Responsible Game begin to be outlined

After the first mentions in the law of the public interest foundation for responsible gaming, the parliament members begin now to establish the details of the programs meant to protect the Romanians interested in gambling.

Thus, besides the already mentioned institution, an amendment to GEO 92/2014 proposes the creation of a “Gambling Addiction Prevention Fund”, which will be available to the National Gambling Office (ONJN) and to which all licensed gambling games organizers will be compelled to contribute.

As such, the public interest foundation will not collect the money, as originally intended, but will only carry out the players’ protection activities and programs, which will be financed from this fund, in collaboration with the National Mental Health and Anti-Drug Center or other NGOs, according to the provisions of the National Gambling Office President’s order.

The annual contributions to this fund – stipulated in the amendment proposed on April 21st – are as follows:

a) Class I licensed remote gambling games organizers – € 5,000 per year
b) Class II licensed legal persons directly involved in traditional and remote gambling – € 1,000 per year
c) Class III state monopoly remote gambling – € 5,000 per year
d) licensed traditional gambling games organizers – € 1,000 per year

The amounts will be allocated for activities and programs of protection of young people and players against the possible problems connected to gambling, prevention and treatment of gambling addictions, making of responsible promotion and advertising, quick and effective resolution of litigations between a gambling games organizer and a player, under the National Gambling Office (ONJN) President.

The plans of the public interest foundation which is going to protect the players move on as well. Mr. Dan Iliovici, executive director of the Gambling Games Organizers Association – ROMBET, speaks about the possible projects we could see implemented by the foundation dedicated to responsible gaming: “The foundation projects might include, and I believe it would be extremely useful, the organization of conferences, round tables, with specialists in the field of protecting all risk-prone categories, especially that of young people. This way, the industry’s representatives, all those involved in the responsible gaming programs in our country, will be able to benefit from the practice of those who already have been dealing with such programs in other countries for many years.
The experience and best practices exchange in this field can be extremely useful to all parties involved. At the same time, besides the mandatory financial contribution from the gambling games organizers, the foundation could organize its own fund raising actions, in order to achieve its objectives. For instance, there could be charity events which would raise awareness of the public opinion on the need to protect young people, to inform and educate those who want to take part in gambling games. We could have, for instance, an annual Gala of the Foundation prices for the best practices of educating and preventing addictions, truly positive examples in an industry that the mainstream media presents almost exclusively negative things about. The foundation could also organize caravans throughout the country, which aim at spreading the news about the information and protection programs for the players with issues. The representatives of the institution could talk about the preventing of gambling problems, about the gambling as a means of entertainment and socialization, and not as a means of getting rich”.

We will continue to follow with interest this hot topic in the Romanian gambling industry and we promise to keep you updated with all the news on the subject.

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