the Sazka Group

The Sazka Group which is Europe’s largest lottery operator has formally made a bid to run the UK’s national lottery currently operated by Camelot.

UK’s national lottery is currently operated by Camelot since it began back in 1994.

Already Sazka Group are busy hiring a UK team to work with partners to ensure a strong bid that the company hopes will wrestle the license from current operator Camelot when their license expires in 2023.

With operations in Austria, Greece, Cyprus, Italy and the Czech Republic covering lotteries and also the major shareholder in Casinos Austria the firm is tipped to be the strongest opposition to Camelot.

Robery Chvatal the chief executive of the Czech group Sazka said on the bid: “As a leader in operating lotteries across Europe, Sazka has made no secret of the fact that we would be thrilled to operate the UK National Lottery.
The UK National Lottery is a national treasure with a proud 26-year history. Now it is looking forward to the next decade and how it can best serve its customers in a world so disrupted by digital transformation, the fourth industrial revolution and Covid.
The landscape from when the UK National Lottery was launched back in 1994 has changed beyond measure.”

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