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Donald Trump and Joe Biden are fighting for the casino votes, owners and unions, while the presidential elections are approach in the US, at Sunday Readings.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden

Trump and Biden compete for casino votes

Ahead of the US presidential election on November 3, contenders are competing for the votes of casino owners and unions.

As the US elections approach, presidential contenders Donald Trump and Joe Biden are each attempting to win over players in the gambling industry, and experts have weighed in with thoughts on their strategies. 

Anthony Cabot, a distinguished fellow in gaming law at UNLV Boyd School of Law, said that Trump’s Department of Justice was attempting to impede the expansion of online gaming, although states were disregarding his efforts. 

He said that Biden on the other hand has assured the Culinary Union that he was against imposing any unnecessary restrictions. 

Meanwhile, Richard McGowan, an industry analyst and finance professor at Boston College, said Trump was keen to reopen all businesses that have closed during the pandemic. This would include casinos and sports betting venues, an industry Trump was once himself involved with.

McGowan forecast that Biden would be less hesitant about implementing another lockdown if coronavirus cases rise.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden 

Speaking to Casino.org, he said: “The workers have to be concerned about their safety, while the owners want revenue. So, from the operators’ point of view … Trump is preferable. From a worker safety point of view, Biden is the choice.”

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