Kambi Group plc and NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions (NLS), a wholly owned subsidiary of NOVOMATIC (www.novomatic.com), Europe’s leading gaming technology Group, have signed an MoU to provide a powerful full-service gaming solution to government regulated lotteries. The service will combine NLS’s market-leading lottery platform with Kambi’s state-of-the-art sports betting service.
“This alliance is a part of the NLS ‘best of breed’ philosophy in which two modern systems are combined to deploy state-of-the art technologies that maximize the inherent expertise of each system individually. The result: world beating/world leading system performance in highly competitive markets,” said NLS CEO Frank Cecchini. “NLS is very pleased to be working with Kambi, whom we feel is a like-minded partner in technology and an expert in sports betting operations,” Cecchini continued. Co-branded and marketed as ‘NLS Sports Betting – Powered by Kambi’, this unique, futuristic solution directly responds to the increasing demand for a superior and consistent user experience across all channels, including interactive gaming. Through their strategic partnership, NLS and Kambi will integrate the exceptional elements of each solution to bring lottery operators the optimum growth platform. This sophisticated product will empower lotteries to capitalize on changing player demographics and behaviors rather than being marginalized by technology limitations. The solution is another example of the NLS problem-solver commitment to customers.
“We are very excited to have formed this partnership with NLS,” commented Kristian Nylén, CEO of Kambi. ”NLS is our ideal partner as we share a vision for growth and innovation within the lottery sector. The co-branded service will offer a modern, best in class solution. This competitive service gives government regulated lotteries the chance to leap ahead of the status quo, especially in interactive gaming across all verticals. We look forward to collaborating with NLS and are very excited to reveal ‘NLS Sports – Powered by Kambi’,” Nylén said. NLS and Kambi’s integrated solution will be showcased at the World Lottery Summit 2016 in Singapore in November.


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