Responsible Gambling was one of the key topics of WrB- Eastern Europe, from Warsaw

The workshop called “Implementing Responsible Gambling Across your Organisation” took place in early November, in Warsaw, during WrB Eastern Europe conference. Rombet representatives could not have missed this event, especially since they are one of the most active associations in gambling in Romania, an association which, since its establishment, imposed as a priority the promotion of responsible gambling strategies.
“More and more events approach the issue of Responsible Gambling. Others, such as WrB Responsible Gambling Innovation, from London, which I attended in September, are dedicated exclusively to this matter. It is obvious that the players in the industry begin to understand that, in order to build a solid and viable business, the responsible gambling projects must be the foundation of every development strategy”, said Dan Iliovici, Vice president of Rombet who was present at the workshop in Warsaw.
Placed in a limited framework, conducive to open discussion. the event in the Polish capital brought together Responsible gambling (RG) specialists from different European countries. The workshop aims to demonstrate, if it was the case, why responsible gambling strategies should be put in the spotlight of any business operating in the sphere of gambling. In addition, those present had the opportunity to confront ideas on best practices meant for preventing and removing the negative effects that gambling can sometimes have.
In his presentation, Malcolm Bruce, CEO and founder of consulting company Gambling Integrity and specialist with extensive experience in what is responsible gambling all about and also in protection strategies for players, reminded the participants that RG and CSR (corporate social responsibility) practices are not only desirable, but also a moral obligation of any gambling operator. This message, which Rombet association constantly sends to representatives of the gambling industry in our country, was supported by extensive discussions and debates at the event.


Training sessions for staff in casinos and elsewhere, good communication with players and monitoring Player Behavior, informing and educating all those involved in the field about what responsible gambling is and what measures can be taken to prevent pathological behavior, all these topics were on the workshop agenda of the seminar which opened WRB Eastern Europe.
“The workshop on the first day of the event organized by Clarion Events in Warsaw was a unique one, with a highly interactive format. Gambling Integrity CEO, in the person of Malcolm Bruce, was a definite plus for the seminar.
Starting from the reasons for which the responsible gambling programs should be supported by the entire gambling industry and up until the risk the domains is exposed to if it ignores the RG projects, we have discussed freely and approached all the topics which constitute a sensitive issue to our industry”, commented vice president of Rombet, Dan Iliovici.


To emphasize the importance of implementing responsible gambling projects in the industry, the subject of retaining the generation of millennials came up. “2015 Cone Millennial Communications CSR Study” showed that 9 out of 10 young people who belong to the generation of Millennials prefer brands that support a social cause, their loyalty is dictated by the level of involvement of the companies chosen in the community. Malcolm Bruce warned that youth opinion is not one to ignore.
Their preference for online games and access they have to disseminate messages through social media, make the younger generation an important partner in discussions regarding the strategic plans of any operator and, why not, even of the regulatory bodies in gambling.
The conclusion of the seminar on Responsible Gaming, in Warsaw, was that the development of the gambling industry is only possible through the design and implementation of solid RG projects which involve, in turn, the need for dialogue between all those concerned by the issue of Responsible gambling, be they authorities, professional associations, non-governmental organizations and non-profit or media representatives.
And any initiative to support programs that aim to prevent and combat addiction is only likely to succeed in a highly regulated industry. “A real player protection and prevention of pathological behaviors may only be achieved in a regulated framework and not on the black market. Total or partial ban of games can not prevent players from migrating towards the grey/black zone of the field. A fair and transparent industry, paying attention to the needs of its customers and operating under the shelter of a well established legal framework is the key to success. Our association will continue its efforts to contribute to the development of organic and sustainable gambling industry in Romania, “concluded Mr. Dan Alexandru Ghita, Rombet President.


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