Taking into consideration the new implementing rules of OUG77 (government ordinance), we were the first gaming producing company which applied for and obtained type approval for electronic devices assigning gains with limited risk.
This demonstrates once again the quick response and reaction rate of DGL PRO srl to legislative changes and to the needs of our customers.
Once we have developed perhaps the most successful slot video card in Romania, it is high time for the new generation of DGL gaming cards.
Taking advantage of the latest technologies in the field, we improved the hardware in order to complete the characteristics of the card with new features demanded by today’s market: implementation of the SAS protocol, ticket printer, protocol ID003 and CCTALK for acceptor of notes, encryption and protection of the game program and added enhanced resolution for both screens and more attractive animations.
We added new games and new variants for the old ones but of course, we
have kept all software features that have brought us success, the familiar feeling of the game players and the balanced mathematics between attractive
prizes and the revenues od the organizers and operators.
Features of the gaming card with limited risk:
a) The maximum stake allowed for a game is 2 lei;
b) The maximum gain is 1000 Lei on each separate game. Through distinct game (spin) one must comprehend any individual generation of random elements of the symbols in table of game software gains at any stage of the game (in the base game or bonus games)
c) minimum payout percentage (Win / Bet): 85%, according to technical verification certificate issued by the Bureau of Metrology;
d) The maximum credit obtained by the player is 1,000 lei; when meeting this target, the device is blocked until the collection of the winnings;
e) Up to 1,000 lei possible win at the risk game (dubbing).
f) the limited risk gaming board does not allow changing the settings by
resetting or through any external device so as to change the value of the
parameters listed above.

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