We have a lot to say because it was a challenging year, both technically as well as legally. Despite the difficulties, we want to make sure our clients acknowledge we are becoming a stronger and more flexible partner. To put it shortly, we come with a free upgrade for the already established board, new games on 5, 9 and 18 lines, new mixes but more important than ever for Romanian operators, improved financial conditions.
We are a Romanian company which works exclusively for Romanian operators. We have always been close and open to our customers but we are not perfect and we will never say we are.
Our AWP plates with the first version did not have the stability we designed and the operators needed.

That’s why we’ve worked with some of our customers over the last 6 months, we’ve collected feedback, and we’ve got an upgrade that fixes the issues. All our customers will benefit from a new free AT and free upgrade to get better results than ever before.
We are participating this year in the exhibition with „sevens” in various forms. It’s Tizzling Seven on 5, 9 and 18 lines. For even more fun we add 2 Seven Show and Super Seven games on 18 lines. All games will allow for 5-line configuration, a maximum bet up to 5,000 credits. We will present 3 new mixes that will contain both seven games as well as new theme games.
It’s about the 6, 8, 9 mixes which contain be it exclusively „sevens” until mixes of seven and other themes, including Video Poker. We just implemented the recommendations from the locations and made them available to everyone.

We understand the role we have and we will respect it by continuing the tradition of delivering better products to operators and more popular for players.
New games, mixes, evolved graphics will ensure success without getting too distant from the already popular products.
In the end, we wish you all a great exhibition!

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