As we are all aware of, the gambling industry is filled with challenges both from technical and legal point of view. Despite the difficulties encountered, the company’s representatives assured customers that DGL PRO has become a much stronger and more flexible partner.
In brief and on the subject, the company currently has in its portfolio, new games on 5, 9 and 18 lines, new mixes, but more important than ever for Romanian operators, better financial conditions.
DGL PRO is a Romanian company working exclusively for Romanian operators, always open and close to its customers, but also with a desire to get as close to perfection as possible.

Through the AWP game boards manufactured by the company, DGL PRO supports a more socially responsible industry and a more diversified and consumer-driven market.
Therefore, DGL PRO works with some of its customers to collect information, and after operating changes it comes to upgrades which solve problems or operating requirements. All DGL PRO customers will benefit from a new free AT and free upgrade to get better results than ever before.
DGL PRO has responded to customer inquiries with sevens in different forms. It’s Tizzling Seven on 5, 9 and 18 lines.
For even more fun, there are two Seven Show and Super Seven games on 18 lines.

All games will allow for 5-line configuration, maximum betting up to 5,000 credits.
The company has three new mixes containing both sevens game and new themes. Mixes of 6, 8 and 9 containing from exclusive sevens to mixes with sevens and other themes, including Video Poker. At the same time, the company’s representatives have implemented the recommendations from the locations/venues and made them available to all.
At the same time, the collaboration with the Polish company FOX Gaming has shown to all clients, both traditional and potential, that DGL PRO has completed its product range through a partnership meant to bring profit to all involved and to their beneficiaries.
DGL PRO understands the role it has in this industry and will respect it by continuing the tradition of delivering better products for operators and more popular ones for players.
New games, mixes, evolved graphics will ensure success without moving away from the already popular products.

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