Marius Stoi: AWP product branded DGL PRO is the most wanted and appreciated…

➤ What does DGL PRO mean today?
DGL PRO today represents the evolution, the guarantee of the quality and performance of local products, we have been working for this purpose for 26 years.
We believe that we represent the best alternative for small and medium-sized operators active in small areas who need constantly specialized advice and professional technical support.

➤ What is different from 2-3 years ago?
In what the state is concerned, higher fees, from our side, new platform, new games, AWP and slot that have shown that they are at the best price-quality ratio.

➤ What new things do you have in store for 2018?
2018 is the year during which we will introduce games and mixes with type approval for which we guarantee performance, but operators will have to deal with the rest.
2018 is a year of major challenges for us in terms of feed-back received from operators, which have increasingly complex requests.

➤ What are DGL PRO products better than other companies?
DGL PRO products are popular and performing for game participants.
We are the best choice for operators because we are the only company which guarantees the return of the paid price if the product does not perform. If we judge the operator’s profit, for sure there are no cheaper products on the market.
We are confident that the AWP branded DGL PRO is the most sought after and most appreciated by the players as they meet their needs.

➤ What expectations does Marius Stoi have for 2018?
Our expectations for 2018 will be to increase operators’ confidence in new products, to reaffirm primarily our commitment to becoming more productive to pleasantly surprise our partners.

➤ How do you rate current legislation and what should be improved?
It is the responsibility of the ONJN to initiate the legislative project which no longer allows operators to mask slots through the presence of fictitious betting agencies.
Social responsibility in my point of view begins with the presence of games of limited risk in all locations where the predominant economic activity is different from sports betting.
I do not think we are responsible when we allow the presence of slots where there must be limited risk devices just because we have a legal void or because the state collects higher taxes.

➤ Does the local media convey the right message for gambling?
Local media is limited to contracts
with online operators because they are the only ones who can legally advertise on TV . Also, they are limited to negative news about lost amounts or more or less confirmed gambling tragedies.
It is necessary for both operators and the media to transmit as often as possible and responsible gambling messages as noticeable as possible.

➤ What should be done to improve the image of gambling in the eyes of public opinion?
First of all, let’s talk more about our responsibility as producers, operators, institutions and focus communication on responsibility.
Customer responsibility for the amounts played, operators for marketing campaigns land-based and online, and of state institutions for transparent and coherent legislation. Let’s not forget an objective image promoted by the media.
Because of the way the business is perceived from the outside, as a quick source of enrichment,
I believe it is necessary to balance the current opulence with the image of a business accepted and tolerated by society. This can be achieved gradually with the active involvement of all those working in this sector.

➤ What should be done to create a program dedicated to responsible gambling?
For any responsible gambling program to be effective, it must be the permanent concern of all involved: operators, manufacturers, state institutions and the media. On the other hand, players are also required to make it efficient.

➤ What should a newcomer do in order to make his way on the gambling market?
A newcomer should allocate the time to understand the market, to identify the resources needed to make it and to consider permanently a possible tax increase.
Even so for a newcomer in the market, during the first 5 years, if lucky, it will recover the investment.
I’ve heard of better business.
A newcomer to this business must be willing to lose. Let’s not forget, it’s a gambling sector which involves many risks. And as for a tip for success…Collaboration with DGL PRO!