Myths and realities about the ONJN initiative to update the minimum technical conditions for slot machines

The most important operators and the most important manufacturers of slot machines see in the initiative of the authorities the chance for Romania to join the other European countries where the legislation has already been updated and absolutely no one suffered. The reality is simple: The changes will not be made overnight, so there is no cause for concern. Manufacturers will provide ongoing support, the financial impact is minimal, and the European precedent shows that no player will disappear from the market.

The initiative of the National Office for Gambling to update the minimum technical conditions for checking gaming machines should be seen as only a bureaucratic and technical step by which the Romanian gambling industry reaches maturity and becomes even healthier. Although the first discussions about this initiative took place in 2018, the Covid-19 pandemic temporarily blocked the implementation of the measure. Today, when we seem to have overcome the pandemic, the industry has resumed its activity, and the updating of the legislation has been resumed. As in 2018, the most relevant players in the industry welcome the initiative of the authorities. We are talking about large operators, medium and small companies, slot machine manufacturers and employers’ organizations.
And the greeting is unitary in the context in which these changes will not happen overnight, will not upset the activity of companies and do nothing but make the industry responsible and contribute to strengthening the image of gambling: transparency and responsible companies. However, there are still some myths and misunderstandings on the market about this update of the minimum technical conditions for checking gaming machines, so ROMSLOT – the employer organization of which most slot machine manufacturers are part – dismantles these myths

No bureaucracy or hassle
Today, many of the devices in use in gaming halls throughout Romania are good enough to meet the new minimum technical conditions proposed by the National Office for Gambling. The other platforms, regardless of whether we are talking about urban or rural operators, will be able to continue to be kept in use through an IT upgrade of the software used and an improvement of the hardware platform. In addition, this maintenance will be the responsibility of the device manufacturers, so there can be no talk of bureaucracy or “more hassle” for operators. Also, there are devices on the market for which manufacturers have announced that they can no longer provide support because these platforms have exceeded their life cycle. Regardless of the size of the operator or the platforms they use, manufacturers have already announced special programs through which operators will be able to obtain new, state-of-the-art devices in leasing, rental or installments, all on favorable terms, without discrimination.

Myths and realities about the ONJN initiative to update the minimum technical conditions for slot machines

No operator disappears, no company closes due to technical regulations
Depending on the model of device used, the actual part of the upgrade will vary in minutes required for maintenance and adjustment of the device, respectively costs. Under no circumstances are these costs extraordinary compared to the monthly rent of these devices.

Continuous support from manufacturers
Whether we are talking about national or international manufacturers, all ROMSLOT members have already announced that they will focus on continuous support and ongoing dialogue with customers, just so that this technical update can be done quickly. In addition, all manufacturers will launch new financing programs for operators interested in obtaining leased, installment or rental equipment on favorable financial terms.

The changes will not be made overnight, so there is no cause for concern
The desideratum of the industry is transparency, which is possible only by updating the technical conditions for verifying the means of play. A simple calculation shows that keeping old appliances, morally and technically used, is almost as expensive as buying new, modern appliances.

European precedent
The initiative of the National Gambling Office to update the minimum technical conditions for checking gaming machines is not a first for the European market. In many other European countries, this obligation has already been implemented, which has done nothing but bring benefits and strengthen the industry to those who attack gambling, whether they are from the political sphere or civil society. Updating the minimum technical conditions for checking gaming machines is proof that the industry is mature, transparent and we are responsible.

Minimal financial impact
In the other European countries where the technical conditions have been updated, slot machine manufacturers have shown their openness to provide companies with a series of fair, fair solutions so that the impact on operators is minimal. All commercial studies show that most customers are interested in frequenting and using modern devices, which already comply with the update proposed by ONJN. Automatically, companies that have old devices on the market should be interested in investing resources in new devices instead of keeping old, technically and morally worn devices.

Myths and realities about the ONJN initiative to update the minimum technical conditions for slot machines

Transition period
The National Gambling Authority has repeatedly proved that it is a dialogue partner of producers and operators, and for all new rules there have been transition periods. From 2018 until today, the entire industry has expressed its opinion on the new technical rules. The next step is the effective transition to modern devices and increasing the transparency of centralized information in the ONJN’s information system. This transition period will allow us all to adapt to the new technical conditions.

100% support
All slot manufacturers remain consistent with the strategy of providing reliable and quality gaming equipment, preferred by players, along with the services and support needed by operators, to the standards they appreciate. All manufacturers will continue to supply competitive products, developed with modern technologies, aligned with global trends and adapted to the current requirements of the Romanian gambling market. The replacement of different product models will be done as before, in the spirit of a fair partnership, with a transparent and open communication with customers, with information provided well in advance and with the best alternatives for continuing and developing the relationship with customers.

Myths and realities about the ONJN initiative to update the minimum technical conditions for slot machines

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