This spring’s statement at Game World Bucharest Mall

Spring began with lots of interesting promises at Game World Bucharest Mall – the largest gaming hall in Romania – announcing new promotions with spectacular prizes, major events and premieres.
So that is why the strongest statement of the moment is “I choose the Touareg” which supports the promise of unprecedented awards, as more than 3,000,000 Lei will be awarded in the near future to the most lucky participants in the promotions from Game World Bucharest Mall.

To begin with, it is about the promotion having the same name, “I choose Touareg at Game World Bucharest Mall”, in which will be offered no less than 421 awards over a period of 35 weekly editions. Besides the record number of awards, this promotion brings in a novelty, more precisely the 6 Special Awards, six super-cars VW Touareg! Of course, at every edition during which of the 6 cars VW Touareg will be awarded, a great party will be organised in the Game World style, hence for sure will be memorable, colorful, full of rhythm and flavor. The first event in the series of six special editions of the campaign “I choose Touareg” is scheduled on Saturday, June 4, 2016.
In parallel with “I choose the Touareg”, customers of Game World Bucharest Mall have the possibility to enjoy another 2 promotions with prizes.

There by, “The Zone of the Daily Awards” is a promotion where prizes are awarded at each of the three daily editions, which will take place at 19:00 and 22:00 and 1:00 am. “Rolex Moment Prize” is a promotion that takes place weekly, every Thursday, and offers the chance to win both the 7 Awards put at stake at the weekly editions and prizes from the final edition, including a very special and valuable award consisting of a shiny, spectacular, and elegant Rolex watch worth 30,000 lei.

Of course promotions with prizes are just a few of the possibilities that Game World Bucharest Mall offer to its customers on the way to become winners.
Diversity is one of the main features of Game World company and as a result, it is found in many of the company’s offers. Thus, every player at the Game World Bucharest Mall will certainly find slots, games and favorite jackpots among over 300 game stations and 30 jackpots grouped into 9 different systems, each with multiple levels.
It is worth underlining that Game World Bucharest Mall is one of the very few gaming halls where Roulette players have the possibility of winning a jackpot, all stations being connected to the Alfastreet Roulette Jackpot with 2 levels.
Besides the fact that Game World Bucharest Mall is the largest gaming room in Romania and besides the diversity yet unmatched of the games, Jackpots and promotions with prizes, the customers enjoy also the benefits of the experience accumulated by Game World, as one of the few companies with over 16 years of uninterrupted activity in Romania.
In this respect, the reputation that Game World has built since 1999 until today is one of the arguments for joint projects in association with other companies and major brands. That is why, in early June, the 3rd annual edition of the classic American cars’ exhibition “Retro American Muscle Cars” will be organized by Retromobil Club Romania in partnership with the Game World and Bucharest Mall. This year’s edition promises to be at least as spectacular as that of last year, when more than 100 American cars were seen by more than 20,000 participants in the event. Game World Bucharest Mall is a true entertainment destination where the atmosphere, diversity, offers, quality of services, events, good mood and many possibilities of winning can be expressed briefly in justa few words: “The elegance of luck!”


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