Rombet Association has been, from its establishment, very active in responsible gaming, this being one of the priority directions of the organization.
In their effort to change the image of the industry and to provide support both to people who face the problem of addiction and to their families, the representatives of the association are always aware of the news coming from countries where the projects regarding responsible gaming have become a tradition within the gambling industry.
Thus, we learn that in early April, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission released its new national strategy for responsible gaming. Its purpose is to reduce the effects of the gambling addiction, aiming to focus on 12 key areas to be addressed during the next 3 years.
Among those targeted by the new strategy operators, regulators and government and trade bodies are included. In all, a total of 12 priority actions form the core of the new strategy, including a better understanding of the importance of education on the negative consequences of addiction to gambling, improving the methods of identification of the game with harmful effects and intensifying the efforts made to establish a more effective interaction with the players.
“The launch in the UK, of the new national strategy for responsible gambling is proof that responsible gaming is necessarily a priority for the industry. Moreover, I believe that such an approach has the effect of a “call to arms”, if we can call it like that, for all those involved in gambling, said Dan Iliovici, senior vice-president of Rombet, who is also the expert of the association in matters of responsible gaming.

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The UK Commission for Gambling stressed that the new strategy focuses on both the online and the traditional land-based, on all types of gambling, the intention being to cover all those areas of activity which center on gambling solutions, referring also to the promotion efforts of the operators in various environments.
The new strategy came as a result of the completion of the previous one launched in 2012 that has guided the efforts of the industry from 2013 to the present day. Moreover, the launch of new directions is made in the context in which the report published by the Gambling Commission in February showed that 0.5% of survey respondents were troubled players, revealing a percentage equal to the one of the last two years.
“Our goal is to help gamblers that develop problems to reduce the negative effects that dependence has on them. We also believe that prevention is preferable to the situation in which we must help individuals, families and even society to face the consequences of addiction”, stated Neil Goulden, President of the Responsible Gambling Trust.
The new strategy also takes into consideration these so-called “secondary audiences” (family, friends), which are in turn affected by the problems of the players facing addiction. Aware of this state of affairs, in Romania operates, at the initiative of Rombet in partnership with psychologist Cristina Anghel, a hotline where those interested can call and get support from the specialist.
“Although the road is long and difficult, we are optimistic that things will move in the desired direction in Romania also.
However, to reach this goal it is essential that both operators and regulators understand the need for a joint effort, organized and heavily supported. Hopefully, announcing new projects, such as that of the Foundation of public interest, will provide the framework for continuing efforts to encourage responsible gaming at national level,” concluded the senior vice-president of Rombet.

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