Saturday, June 4, was the day of powerful engines because, on the one hand, starting with 10 am began the exhibition of classic American cars and on the other hand, immediately after midnight the first VW Touareg car was won, one of the 6 offered in the campaign “I choose the Touareg” at Game World Bucharest Mall.

american gameworld

Game World Bucharest Mall was the common element of these two events particularly spectacular. Thus, the visitors of Retro American Muscle Cars 2016 could admire nearly 60 classic American cars, a selection that included the most famous brands and models that marked the US auto industry.
Cars such as the Ford Mustang, Ford Thunderbird, Chevrolet Corvette, Chevrolet Impala, Chevrolet Apache, Carger Dodge, Dodge Challenger, Chrysler Royal, Invicta Buick, Cadillac or Lincoln Continental could not have missed from the event.

clasic game world

Event organizers, Retromobil Club Romania, Bucharest Mall and Game World have prepared a series of surprises for both participants as well as visitors and awarded prizes to the most appreciated and admired cars on display. The awards were determined through votes casted by visitors and by a jury of celebrities such as Liliana Levința, Cătălin Botezatu, Julia Jianu or DJ Harra.
The pleasant weather in early June, the beautiful girls, attrac tions and special cars proudly exhibited by passionate owners – true jewels on wheels – were arguments for a successful event, now in its 4th consecutive annual edition.

With nightfall, stud horsepower was scattered on the streets of the capital and the party moved to Bucharest Mall Game World.The largest game room in Romania, having spectacular setting and very inspired for the theme of the evening, proved once again too small for the many guests who have chosen to have fun at “Racing Party”, an event full of energy and intensity.
As usual,at the Game World events, fun was guaranteed by the explosive combination of entertainment and prizes throughout the evening, alternating with moments of entertainment with awards series for the participants in the campaign “I choose the Touareg”. A promotion that offers no less than 427 prizes and thus complements the calendar attractions of Game World Bucharest Mall, where gamblers have the chance to win record prize money, exceeding 3,000,000 Lei.

roxana nemes gameworld

Among the most spectacular moments of the evening was Roxana Nemes’ show which took place on the stage at Game World Bucharest Mall, but also numerous jackpots, fashion shows, cocktails mixed by talented bartenders, champagne galore and the cake prepared for this event by Marenka confectionery.
The highlight of the party was, of course, granting the Grand Prix , the VW Touareg, the first of the six identical cars that will be won by the luckiest participants in the campaign “I choose the Touareg” from Game World Bucharest Mall.

Thus, from June to November, every month will be celebrated through an event of great attraction to which all participants are invited to have fun in style and with a chance to win. This invitation, which Game World is launching to all those for whom chance is the hottest entertainment, is best expressed in a few words: Game World, Elegance of Luck!


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