An exclusive interview for the readers of Casino Life & Business Magazine, with Stan Solomon Onoriu first National Poker Champion of Romania

First of all, congratulations to winning your first National Poker Championship.
Tell us, please, what exactly is your name? Is it Stan Solomon or Solomon Onoriu?
Thank you for congratulating me! My name is Stan Solomon Onoriu.
Can you tell our readers a few words about yourself? What is your connection to Daniel Onoriu?
I am 36 years old, married and I have three children. I work as a manager in civil engineering and as real estate broker in my father’s company. Daniel Onoriu is my cousin, his father and my father are brothers.
When did you get into poker and why?
I entered the poker world in 2009. I started playing poker after I watched my best friend, Toni Judet, playing live tournaments and cash games and earning significant amounts of money. I started playing live tournaments at the Olympic Casino where I was declared the best player of 2010.
What was the biggest win you’ve got in poker? How about in billiards?
In online poker, I won 3rd place at the Thursday Thrill 35.000 USD tournament, with a 1050 USD buy-in. At poker live, I finished 2nd at RPS held by Club Poker, 27,000 Euro at a buy-in of 340 Euro. My best performance in billiards was finishing 4th in the 9-ball Billiards Championship in 2000.
But what was the largest cash prize you ever won at poker or in other sports?
Other notable performances I have achieved playing online were at PokerStars, earning Big 33, Big 44, Big 55, Big 75, and reaching final tables at 109 Sunday rebuy, Big 162, Big 109, Hot 82 Hot 55 Hot 44.
I saw that many poker players have flirted with billiards at the beginning. Is there a connection between the two?
Because of billiards I felt I developed the spirit of competition. In my case, the only connection between poker and billiards is represented by the desire to win.
What was your biggest failure?
The biggest failure in poker was getting 10th place at a Poker Fest tournament, with a buy-in of 1,000 Euros. The one who ranked 1st took home 90.000 euros.
What does this title of National Champion mean to you?
This title reconfirmed that my game-style is a winner and that is why I will participate in major international competitions which also I will try to win. I hope to bring a major title for Romania.

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Was it a hard tournament?
Each tournament has tense moments when experience and a little bit of luck can make you go further. It was, indeed, maybe the most difficult live tournament have ever participated in and that’s because the best Romanian players also attended.
Will you attend EUREKA in May?
I will definitely participate in the Eureka tournament in May.
What do you wish for this year?
This year I want to win a major live event and even a SCOOP or WCOOP online.
The fact that Daniel Onoriu is a multiple National Champion in motorsports motivates you in any way?
Of course, the fact that Daniel Onoriu is a national champion in motorsports makes me want to achieve great performances to honour our wonderful Onoriu family.
Would you like to convey a thought to our readers of Casino Life & Business Magazine?
I would like for all who read this interview to understand that poker is indeed a mind sport and to understand my motto also :”In poker, the best hand always wins”
Thank you and good luck!


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