It is important that local government operates at very good parameters…

The guest of this edition, Daniel Florea, is a judge, but also a deputy, a successful lawyer, educated to the extent that his resume is too thick – 3 masters, PhD, former President of the Court of Arbitration for Football or the Disciplinary Committee, member of the US Navy League … On the other hand: he is a family man, father of twins and recent candidate for the mayoralty of Sector 5. This, we must admit, resembles a game in which there is nolosing bet…

The Judge?
Daniel Florea: It is the fundamental experience for my career. Especially since I signed the record of being the only former judge representing Romania in the Board of electing judges to the ECHR – the first member of the Romanian Parliament in such a position. This is a profession that gives you balance or strengthens it.. …Either way, you come out a stronger man though … though for a good start one must not only be a literate but also must prove himself a really strong character. Is that part of the personal training which becomes a label: sure, I am a deputy now, the presentation starts with this, but a second later the moderators say “former judge”.
You know why? Because you are never a “former”: all the rest of your life you will remember that you decisions, you words, any place you are, someone’s fate depends on you.

The MP?
Daniel Florea: I’m at the end of the first term. Before that I was the Vice president of AVAS … and as you said, I have a few masters in Foreign Affairs or military science. I think every chapter studied mentioned above completes the complex training I have in the legislative field. I became a deputy at the time where my experience could really make a difference. I say it rationally, without any false modesty. And I say this every time I feel any kind of hostility: “all politicians are the same”… no, we are really not the same. Forsome of us is just a coincidence. For others, it is the right way…

The Candidate …
Daniel Florea: In this matter, I believe that all of the above will be very useful to me… Everyone is expecting the man to put things in order. I am convinced that inside the City Hall this is not the main purpose because if one or the other is making mistakes, I don’t think we should blame the whole institution for that. I believe the institution must operate normally, no matter who runs it or no matter if a part of the employees made mistakes or are accused of having made mistakes. I believe it is more important that local administration operates at very good parametres. I think the experience I have as a judge will help me a lot because we are speaking, mainly, about the way to listen to all parties involved… You know, on many occasions I thought about the fact that the dialogue with the citizen was inexistent and I think that this science of hearing everybody is really going to help me.

The Communicator? Is that what is next?
Daniel Florea: Exactly! This is what I have to achieve first. A good communication, honest, without any useless words, so to speak…this could mean opening the doors of the City Hall to finding solutions. This morning, even, I talked to NGOs which put themselves in the service of the citizens in order to help them solve cumbersome problems.. Because, let’s face it, the relationship between the citizens and the mayoralty are cumbersome. Weird. Bureaucratic and often inhuman without any reason… it is how it really happens. I do believe that NGOs have the important role of facilitating things. If you know how to grant them this part. If not, they become fierce adversaries on long term. As a mayor, one is forced to put the right characters in the right parts. The civil servants maybe they do not know or can not do the right thing. The result of miscommunication will be the citizen’s feeling that you do not want to help him solve his problems. HIS. The problems of the community… and once the distrust is installed, it is twice more difficult to be right.

If you win you will put yourself in a city hall that raised to fame through Vanghelie’s “representation”…
Daniel Florea: At this moment, I believe that MArea Vanghelie can not do any harm to the candidate of the PSD. From the polls we have, his candidacy will not be significant and I, as PSD representative , will win the elections, even though he will try to take some of my votes. This action will not in any way mean that the PSD candidate will lose the elections.

Could you tell how and in what way are you connected to Sector 5? I know you spent your childhood in Călărasi.
Daniel Florea: I came to CălărașI during middle school and high school. After I graduated from high school, I went to study at a faculty in Bucharest. From 1991 until now, except for the six years I was a judge in Constanta, I have been living in Bucharest. This is where I had my education, here is where I worked, where I met my wife, where my children were born, Here is where I have lived uninterruptedly since 2003. Regarding the PSD branch in Sector 5, I‘ve been the executive president of the PSD Organization of Sector 5 since January 2015. Moreover, in mid 90’s, my father worked here, in Sector 5, my wife gave birth in Sector 5, she was raised here, went to school here, we have many friends and relatives in Sector 5. Over the years, I learned this sector by heart. Especially since I walked around as a normal citizen and talked to people. And all my old friends and many more new ones come to tell me things that any candidate should know about: what people say, what are their needs, here, there, on small parts, similar to a puzzle. And I have collected this pieces and that is how I put together my electoral agenda and program.

Tell me more about your family. What does it mean?
Daniel Florea: Florea Family is looking very beautiful and very joyful. I have been married for 11 years, me and my wife are the happy parents of twins (a boy and a girl) who will be 6 in August. Their names are Iulia and Tudor. Each one resembles one of us. Actually, I believe that all four of us resemble each other.

daniel florea familie

And they are lovely kids. We see each other, we spend as much time together as possible. My wife is a very joyful person and- how can I put itthis appearance of mine- the fact is that at home I am a whole different person. I am so lucky that my parents and my wife’s parents are so very close to us. We are a big family, we like to hang out all together, we are together all the time. I have a great family and I pray to God to keep them safe and sound for as long as possible. In what the Mayoralty is concerned, I Have talked to them ( as I did when I had to make the decision to become a candidate for the Parliament in 2012), they said they will support me no matter what decision I make, and, it is true, I feel them always near me, because of course there are many difficult moments- there are not only nice things happening during a campaign. There is fatigue, mental tension, but they are close to me and we will get through this together- I am not concerned about this in any way.

florea daniel

If it were to tell me a secret of yours, what would it be?

Daniel Florea: That we are rockers. Both us and the children. The most obvious one is my wife, Andreea. Her phone has an AC/DC ringtone. Our children know the rock sign and listen to rock since forever. Of course, we love jazz and classical music. This also proves we are rockers. We love everything about nature, green, clean and beautiful, everything that is alive. I have an example in this matter, a model whom I had the honor to meet: Florian Pittiș. I enjoyed a certain friendship, his intelligence. Moțu hated thieves and liars and intolerance. He loved everything. He said that music shapes people not “having wild fun”, the latter being a distraction from real problems, from thinking straight. And I still believe him, the old rocker, even now. I want you to remember what a great teacher he was for all of us. The teacher who taught us Beatles. He loved the world dearly I dream about being in love with world beyond measure when I will grow into an old rocker, but until then, let’s start with the City Hall!

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