A sum of money longtime owed to you could finally go into your pocket. As for the business, the sun will shine for you in the middle of the interval.

Someone in your close circle will give you an idea that could turn into pure cash. Watch out for a lucrative contract around the middle of this period of time.

The luck will be on your side as your finances will visibly improve. So will do the social events you are involved in, a good opportunity for some cash.

You are shooting too high. Try to be more even-minded – otherwise, you could have a considerable loss. Expenses for boosting your health are quite possible.

There will be a big fuss about the material issues. If you are in the trading business, it is likely you will find new sources of money.

Partnerships will be your lucky companion for the entire interval. Expenses will be so much higher and test your patience.

You are disatisfied with how the things are going and you would be inclined to go radical in your decisions. But you are going through a time when precaution should be your first priority.

Your intellectual endeavors will prove fruitful, including from a financial perspective. Your friends living abroad could help you with your finances.

Lots of money out of your pocket for entertainment and also for the caprices of your children. Avoid the high-risk ventures, you might be in for surprises.

You will do a lot of running to get the money that is rightfully yours. Your household will also require some repairs and a part of that money will go towards them.

Your finances will be much brighter. This is a good time to cushion your home and also to get new additions to your clothing stockpile.

Watch out, not everyone you call a friend deserves your trust. Before taking their advice, check their loyalty.

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