Come to the restaurant… out of love for children.

The monthly charitable event, dedicated to collecting funds for therapy for autistic or ADHD syndrome children

Thursday, April 3, Elisabeta restaurant in downtown Bucharest, was the host for the second edition of the charity event ‚ Come to the restaurant… out of love for children’.

Augustin Vizir, the master of the ceremonies, has impeccably directed a high class show, which surely delighted the large number of participants who were there to help with collecting funds for the autistic children.

The honorary chefs for the evening were Deea Maxer and Dinu Maxer, Bogdan Stoica and Andrei Stoica, Diana Bișinicu and Mircea N. Stoian. They served everyone charmingly and maintained a warm and pleasant ambience through the entire time.

The artists Anda June, Stefania Calofir & Band and Daniela Gyorfi performed mini-recitals for the guests and turned this charitable event into an unforgettable time.

A great contribution to the wonderful atmosphere was brought by the tombolas with prizes and the shopping vouchers.
The partners of this event, an initiative of Simona Chițac Media and Casino Life & Business Magazine, were Oana Style and Barber Shop, DESIRE Outfit & More and Tiger Security.

The luxurious location, Elisabeta restaurant, which hosted the event has been a greatest addition to the superior quality of the ceremony.

It should be mentioned that the first edition took place in March, at Casa Vernescu restaurant and the chefs were Mihnea Paul Popescu, representing Casino Life & Business Magazine, Adrian Artene, editor-in-chief for, Daniel Onoriu, pilot and national rally champion and Anda Ghita, no one else than the mother-in-law of K1 champion, Ionut ‚Pitbull’ Atodiresei.

The master of the ceremonies for that edition was Ema Stoian, movie director, accompanied at times by actor Mircea N. Stoian.
The list of partners for the first edition included the companies Guban, DESIRE Outfit & More and Tiger Security.

The project is original among other events and is taking shape of a caravan through the restaurants in Bucharest. Several public figures are playing hosts and they will be serving the guests in the restaurants, in place of the traditional waiters. All the money, either the tabs or the tips, will be donated to the therapy center for the autistic or ADHD syndrome children, M Service Terapy Children Clinic in Bucharest.

The novelty is that no one should feel pressured to help. We have decided to cross the barrier of the events where donations are being asked and where a certain discomfort settles. Therefore, we have come up with this simple idea and fair towards all the people involved. They are beautiful people, big-hearted, whom we love and who meet once a month for dinner, to listen to good music and take pictures with our favorite stars. No public person has asked for any charge and here is where we express our gratitude. Everyone was enthusiastic for the event, especially when they are parents compassionate about issues with children who were unfortunate to be born with health problems. Also, the artists volunteered to participate to the event, so every edition henceforth will benefit from diverse music styles.

And last, but not least, the organizers thank the television channels that were present at both editions. Our expectations are that a larger number of the participants and stars will be attending the third edition at the beginning of May.


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