Full Tilt Poker is following Pokerstars, its sister site in opening a .eu website licensed in Malta.

The move could have positive tax implications for Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Slovenian, Romanian, Dutch & German players who migrate to the new venue.

According to certain interpretations of income tax law in some EU jurisdictions, winnings from sites based within the European Economic Area (EEA) are tax free.

Although geographically in Europe, the Isle of Man – where Rational Group the owner of both PokerStars & FTP has its head offices & operates both sites is not part of the EEA.”

FTP’s poker room manager, Shyam Markus, confirmed the introduction of the new site in a post on the 2plus2 forum this week, saying: “We expect to begin rolling .eu out over the next few weeks.”

Source: gaming-awards.com


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