When poker is not good enough…

Lately, Gus Hansen is not doing great at gambling.  Since Full Tilt Poker reopened, he already lost $2 millions, due to a terrifying weekend that the Danish is ready to forget about for good.

So, Gus is now trying to kill time with something else, in an attempt to prove how valuable he is.  And he has a good reason to be proud.  He is making a great progress in racketlon, as he is fully infected with this fever.  It is about a sport that mixes field tennis with badminton, squash and table tennis.

Reached World Championship quarters

Hansen has just participated in the World Racketlon World Championship in Stockholm.   He even got into the quarters, and climbed higher from the position 71 where he was on in 2011.  During the Stockholm competition, he was eliminated by his fellow countryman Kasper Jonsson, scoring 68 to 64.  Aged 38, Gus Hansen is a very good poker player – in 2010, he made more than $10 millions from live tournaments.


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