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Playing card designs challenged by the online gambling operator BetVictor which come up with alternative suggestions inspired from Picasso or Andy Warhol.

BetVictor, the online gambling company, has come up with suggested alternatives for the design of playing cards, using the style of great artists, including Picasso and Andy Warhol.

The company notes that the standard deck of cards is iconic and has their toots in the Tang Dynasty in China. The company asks: “What if some of the world’s leading artists decide to reimagine them?”

The company has given a makeover to traditional designs using art inspired by Pablo Picasso Warhol, Roy Liechtenstein and Banksy, using fresh elements inspired by cubism, pop art and street art.

BetVictor declared about the playing card designs: “The Art of Playing Cards, now on a website, explores little-known facts about the design of playing cards, such as the intriguing story behind the king of hearts and exactly why the jack of spades is facing the opposite way to the king and queen.”

Although playing cards fall into the category of objects whose origins are still unknown, it seems that their history begins somewhere in Tibet, India or China, a region known as the homeland of other classic games such as chess, dominoes or Go.
Sir William Henry Wilkinson (1858-1930), a specialist in Chinese history and culture, believes that the first playing cards were, in fact, paper money, which were both playing instruments, and the stakes of the game itself. Instead, other historians claim that they have a collective author and that they have improved over time, depending on the purpose used: mystical or fun.

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