Gambling magnates

He is with the best investors in the gambling industry and his tactful and quiet way of doing large scale business amazes everyone.

Coming from a French background, Francis Raineau is the President of the International Group of Gaming and Resort (IGGR) and in charge with the casinos and gaming rooms in Argentina, Chile, Egypt, Ecuador and more. The magnate has often expressed his favorable view on the online gambling and thought it imperative to have this industry branch taken to a superior level.

Ambitious investments and projects

International Group of Gaming and Resort owns 29% of the Crown casinos that operate gambling rooms in Las Grutas, El Condor, Viedma, Cipolletti, Roca, Catriel and Choele Choel. Likewise, the Group managed by Francis Raineau holds property of Paihuen Casino & Resort in Chile, 50 kilometres off Santiago.

The complex features, among others, 1,500 slot machines, 5-star 70-room hotels, disco, fine diners, conference centers and high-end stores. Sixty million dollars were invested in this project, which is said will generate 5,000 jobs.

A thriving business

International Group of Gaming and Resort was founded in 1959, when it was operating the Baccara Game in the French casinos. Starting with 1983, IGGR has been controlling 86% of the French Baccara and became number one of Baccara operators in Europe. Since that year, numerous investments into pretentious projects followed in Europe and in all four corners of the world. Francis Raineau had his brother and their father partners in this business. They started with the gambling in three casinos in France, other four in Egypt came after and many more in Ecuador, Argentina, Chile and other states in Latin America.

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