EasyPay – Kiosk Solutions a steady presence at EArena expo!

The Romanian company EasyPay, led by Serghei Fraseniuc, with an experience of over 13 years and an excellent growth since its debut, is already present through self-service kiosks on the markets of Europe, America, and Africa after having successfully achieved the leading position in this segment in the local market.

With the largest experience, the parent company EasyPay System invests continuously in the development of its payment terminal network through which the clients can access over practically 240 payment services integrated in one kiosk. These are implemented at national level, into large retailer networks, streets, institutions, parking lots and, of course, are extremely popular in game halls serving its gamers with the online account charging service.

The investment does not stop with the above mentioned network, but it naturally continues with the company EasyPay Production which generates the production, sale and implementation of self-service kiosks, customised in terms of technology and design, registered and certified CE and ISO 9001:2015, voted and award-winners for 4 consecutive years as being the best and most appreciated terminals of the years 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022, the company also elected as a Gold Company in 2022.

With Payment Terminals and Sports Betting Terminals as main activity, the company developed, as secondary activity, over 22 solutions for domains such as Retail, HoReCa, Parking, Public Transport, Crypto, Insurance, Auto, Fitness and many more.

We also offer the 5 solutions that any gambling location needs to be complete: Sports Betting Terminal, Payout Terminal, Info Point Terminal, Crypto ATM and Cash-Out to release winnings. These five solutions are complementary, and sports betting customers appreciate the services they can access in one place.

The EasyPay clients benefit from the best service and from price-quality-reliability ratio, excellency being the most accurate feature of EasyPay. Moreover, we provide a series of advantages that customers gratefully benefit from:
– Customisation and design
– Exclusivity
– Tailoring
– Storage in 2000 sq.m
– Check room for software implementation and last check before the packaging of kiosks
– Support for the delivery of products directly to your final location
– Technical support provided by the third company, Easy Technix, which offers maintenance and repair services, both in warranty and out of warranty. Upon our customers’ request we can also implement the software, thus completely preparing the terminals for delivery to their final location.

EasyPay – Kiosk Solutions a steady presence at EArena expo!

At EArena Expo, edition 2023, as our visitors are already used, we will present new products which they can see and test at stand no. 306, to be our largest so far. At the same time, we will present a premium gambling terminal, unique on the market, with a monitor double the size of any other on the market, a 43″ curved size with RGB LED. It is dedicated to exclusive rooms, and premium customers will enjoy the most extravagant betting experience ever.

With our own design and manufacturing department, we successfully respond to any of our customers’ request, starting from the design, mock-up, delivery, and implementation and up to product advertising and notoriety on the market, since our client’s purpose automatically becomes our company’s purpose.

Therefore, the company EasyPay is the solution for those who understood that a Romanian proximity solution translates not only into quality but also into time and money savings. All in one place, a local supplier!

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