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#Season of Changes

By Andreea Ion – Marketing & PR Manager

March is a new beginning for Palace Casino. Announced for some time, the changes have been revealed, and customers are eagerly looking forward to fulfilling all promises. The new strategy is based on a mix of factors: from the atmosphere of a palace and top services to the newest products: new games, NO LIMIT bets and the highest maximum payouts in Romania. We will take advantage of this article to explain to our readers what exactly these advantages mean.
Each live (book or roulette) game has 2 limits: one minimum and one maximum. For example, at the Poker game there is a minimum of 20 lei. And maximum? Here comes the novelty: MAXIM NO LIMIT! Sometimes casinos have a maximum limit of 300 lei for games with a minimum of 20 lei. But at Palace, even at the minimum limits, NO LIMIT is played at the maximum. Any player will appreciate this detail! Each game has a maximum payout limit. More precisely, if a Royal Straight is paid at 5000:1 (at Bonus Palace Poker), a maximum of 100,000 lei may be won. In private gaming cases you can get up to Euro 100,000 in one hand! The most popular card games are Ultimate Texas Hold’em Poker and Palace Poker, both of which have the same payment rules. For those of you who are not familiar with the live game, the Palace Team guarantees that you will be able to understand so easily … from our dealers, so you can master the games from the first “hands” you play.
Palace Casino is currently the only casino in Romania that offers these benefits to any customer, without the need for a private game or the fulfillment of other conditions. Highest maximum payouts should be – for a player – the main reason for choosing a casino!
For American Roulette players, betting up to 500 Euros on straight-up is available! Attractive to high roller players, but also for those who want to play their luck in the fastest way of winning!

We are convinced! Palace Casino, at this time, is the most advantageous casino: for both casino and online casino players. No other competitor offers the products/rules/limits … and the most important “highest maximum payments in the city”. And if it’s not always about “maximum payouts,” it’s about how playful is the game, the type of “side bets” that each casino introduces into traditional games. Whether you are Stud Poker or Palace Poker, you will discover BONUS bets that you will immediately love. You can bet on the dealer’s hand, you can even “secure” your bet or bet the Bonus option without betting Ante. And because we are sure and how involved the Palace team is, we have introduced the Palace Poker game where the winning combinations are incredible! From all the facts you can convince yourself by visiting 133 Calea Victoriei at any time or reading more on the official Facebook page and on the website
And if you come and have something to communicate to us, whether good or bad, we are at your disposal at As of April, things are constantly evolving, so the Slot Games area moves into a much more attractive, downloadable history and new games! You can find out about all these news in real time by watching social media pages where the marketing team will post daily the most exciting topics.
Enjoy the spring, and if we caught your attention, we can only say: Come to Palace Casino and discover your limits!
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CASINO PALACE SRL license number RO3258L001399 valid until 31.03.2026
PALACE SLOTS INTERNATIONAL SRL, license number RO3259L001401, valid until 31.03.2026

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