Here are the years, namely 11 in number and our magazine is increasingly appreciated both in the country and abroad.

Beginning as a new and exciting project, but to which we did not know the outcome, it gradually became a super successful project.
Every year we have created new and smaller projects of the mother project, subdivisions designed to complete and broaden the overall picture.
Whether these projects were called the Romanian Conference on Gambling or Ora Exacta in Gambling, whether they were called Club Casino or Marketing in the Gambling Forum or even the Annual Awards Galas dedicated to women working in this industry or the entire industry, we were all original and we treated them with the utmost seriousness, and they were all meant to bring about normality in the area of gambling in our country.
A big plus in the overall picture of the project was also the creati on of the site, a site that has shot down a lot of records.
And the image would not have been complete without communicating with readers through the weekly Newsletter and the Breaking News system.
Thus, the project has become a true motor of news transmission to the representatives of the gambling industry in Romania and of the others.
The 100th edition brought another premiere for our project, the international conference Exact Time in Gambling, an event 100% organized by our magazine and unfolded outside the country’s borders.
And this is just a first step in our development on a European scale.

Internal partnerships, but especially external ones, partnerships with the biggest event organizers around the world, the presence at the most important gambling events in the whole world, either with the magazine or with the Romanian Gambling Directory, showed us that we are very appreciated, but also very respected.
The double nomination as the world’s best gambling magazine at the International Gaming Awards in London as well as the two prizes received in Budapest for the best regional gambling magazine have made it clear to us that we are the only Romanian magazine in the gambling industry that is considered serious and worthwhile.
All of this makes us proud of what we have created and developed in the past 11 years because we know for sure that we are on the right track and we know to be fair and useful to this industry.
Certainly the original project is no longer the same as today, but we are still treating it with the utmost seriousness to have only useful and top quality products, as is the industry we deserve.
We do not joke with our products nor lie to our readers. We accomplish everything we promise, we do not arrogate merits that do not belong to us, nor do we copy someone else, and our project grows organically step by step.
And so our Readers, to whom we thank them for being constantly close to us, can expect us and new pleasant and useful surprises.
P.S. We thank this way to all those who congratulated us for the accomplishment of the beautiful figure of 100 issues and we urge them, in turn, to be healthy, happy and lucky!