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CT Gaming – a forward-looking success story

CT Gaming is a well-recognised provider of highly performing games, slot machines and gaming solutions with 22 years of history.

The company has become synonymous with performance, reliability and innovation. With installations in more than 50 jurisdictions, offices and distributors on five continents and a dedicated team of over 900 professionals, the company is committed to delivering gaming solutions that diversify and increase the bottom line with excellent performance.
“Aiming to excel, we constantly improve our product portfolio with a focus on superior quality and the latest innovations. Our passion is to create excitement and thus achieve long-lasting performance”, explained Valentina Dobre, General Manager at CT Gaming, Romania.
From the first installation in Romania, made in 2006, to the numerous installations across Romania, the company’s story presents the extraordinary dedication and high-quality service of the team in all those years of gaming excellence. The road to success has not always been easy. Still, the business challenges have been auspiciously affected by the high professionalism and motivation of the team that positioned the company among the best gaming equipment manufacturers in the country. Over the years, the company has grown a lot, showing a significant market share and plenty of satisfied customers from the leading Romanian gaming operators.

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Innovation and creativeness offered by CT Gaming have strengthened the company’s image as the best quality provider in the country. At the same time, the diverse palette keeps on winning the hearts and minds of players in Romania. Dedicated and highly enthusiastic, the team has one big goal ahead – to keep on reaching new and inspiring horizons while providing spectacular products, immaculate technical support, and care to the clients.
“Living with the dynamics of the technology era, with our products, we embrace the latest innovations. New concepts, unconventional solutions, and great products for gaming experiences define our vision for development. Our focus is the customers’ needs, with a deep understanding of their requirements”, added Mrs Dobre.
“We constantly innovate, and we keep moving. Our offering is engaging and entertaining as we provide our customers only the best products”, said Robert Stancu, Sales Manager at CT Gaming, Romania.
CT Gaming offers excellent slot machines as the premium EZ MODULO™ 32/32/32. With three 32″ monitors, the slot cabinet is a perfect partner for a gaming journey, perfectly fitting in all sizes of locations and meeting operators needs and preferences. In a space-optimised format, the machine delivers an ultimate gaming experience.
With a standard base extended to a slim and convenient frame, the three monitor model EZ MODULO™ 27/27/21.5 is distinctive and enhances the game’s interaction. CT Gaming’s commitment to high quality is visualised with the leading-edge full HD monitors of the EZ MODULO™ slot machine. The crystal clear images of the two 27″ full HD monitors is crucial for the game perception and thus makes the time spent on the device memorable.


EZ MODULO TOWER™ combines the ultimate gaming experience with the quality in craftsmanship, featuring a unique 43-inch UHD J-curved monitor with full touchscreen capabilities that deliver results that are improving the overall slot operations at the casino floor.
EZ Modulo slot cabinets have diverse content, the bestselling hit Mega Jack 2020 and the newest game pack, Diamond King. The successor of the legendary multigame Mega Jack – the Mega Jack 2020, adds unique touch on the gaming floors. With excellent performance, Mega Jack 2020 delivers results considered mainly by operators as exceeding their expectations.
The exciting library of games with different mechanics, over 18 progressive jackpots, and the particular Jackpot on two levels Chilli Link linked to 6 of the games has specifically been curated to deliver a memorable stay at the casino players. Coupled with impressive high-quality game graphics, stereo sound and interactive lighting, the multigame brings a new dimension of player excitement to the market.

CT Gaming launched a new progressive jackpot concept with its latest multigame Diamond King. Diamond Tree Jackpot has exciting mechanics with a deep and engaging element, making the experience more thrilling and memorable.
The product’s potential is great and promises to be the major hit on the market, especially when a single bonus spin could award multiple progressives and bonuses.
We create a culture defined by meaningful work, deep employee engagement, job and organizational fit. They drive innovation and move the organization forward. Therefore our team works with passion and feels an emotional connection to the company. Our high-performance culture has norms that lead us to achieve superior results by setting clear business goals, creating a trusting environment, and encouraging our team members to grow and reinvent themselves continuously”, concluded Mrs Dobre.

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