The NEWTON slot machine management system has been on the Romanian market for more than five years and is based on quality, security and stability, providing operators with complex marketing, rigorous control and efficient use of resources and time. If you want an experienced partner who can share your vision, NEWTON is a proven solution that can be tailored to your changing needs. The position he already has on the Romanian market is excellent and is mainly due to the quality of the products and services he provides to the organizers; the industry already knows and trusts the NEWTON system.

Robert Istrățoiu, sales manager NEWTON: “We were present this year at the EAE 2018 event in a much larger booth than in the past years, where NEWTON partners got familiar with our new image. We have a new logo and a motto that describes the direction that we have always focused on: Newton – your gaming task force.
When we say task force we think of a group of people formed to deal with a specific mission or that can solve a problem that requires a multidisciplinary approach. That’s exactly what we do with NEWTON, we offer solutions to operators needs. We are proud of the new image and continue to invest in new products and high performance equipment. Our position on the market is a stable one and we want to ensure our partners that we are here to stay. Compared to previous years, at this EAE edition we have seen more interest in additional products and service, our customers are ready to move to a new level and try the solutions we offer, because they want to keep up with the changes in the market. We assure them that we will be next to them all the way and they will benefit from all our support in this partnership.”

The modules offered by NEWTON are as follows:
Monitoring – a complete record of activity from locations that can generate specific reports required by law or customized reports on each type of game and each available operation; reports that can be exported and saved having all the statistics at one click away. This module provides real-time information available for viewing on any device with an active Internet connection.

Jackpot – Jackpot system compatible with any type of slot machine that can be controlled from any mobile device. It can display up to 6 jackpot levels at the same time and offers a wide range of jackpots that can be set up. This module has been developed over time and the form it has reached now is a very complex one, giving the user a lot of conditions that can be set.

Player Tracking – one of the most powerful functions of the management system. The module was developed with the desire to offer operators the solution to attract and retain players, but especially to maximize business profitability.
Versions available for this module:
• Classic Player Tracking: available with classic card reader.
• Contactless Player Tracking: the premium version available with contactless card reader.
The Player Tracking System with LCD & Smart watch developed by NEWTON will bring you closer to the customer. The module gives the player the feeling that he’s logo important to you regardless the amount that he’s playing and that you want the services you offer to be fast and complete.

LCD – 4-Inch display with a touchscreen function through which players can communicate much faster and efficiently with the operators. They can select from the available options the following messages: “cashout”, “call operator”, “order bar” and can visualize in real time the accumulated points and the new jackpot versions available only through Player Tracking Newton System: the personal jackpot of the player and the individual jackpot of the slot machine. It is no longer necessary for the player to stand up from the machine to request an operator or to make an order at the bar, therefore the time allocated to the game increases. It is a premium solution that satisfies even the most demanding clients who do not like the employees’ presence near them.

Smart watch – the device on which operators receive the player’s requests. The staff will always know the value of the cash-outs, at which devices the orders from the bar must be delivered to, and on the other side the players will be notified that their requests have been taken over and are already in execution. It will allow a more efficient organization of the staff and a customer service that will put your location at the top of their preferences.

TITO – is a way to ensure your position on the market and to provide your players the best gaming services and experiences. The TITO system will also increase your activity, according to statistics 2 out of 3 tickets issued are reintroduced into the slot machines and your turnover will be much higher. Furthermore your staff can focus on customer care and marketing, having more time to provide player important information about services and promotional campaigns.
Besides the complexity of the management system we have also focused on the development of auxiliary products and among them we recall:

Info point / Info touch – the terminal that will be installed in each location where players can check their accumulated points or raffle tickets, in real time. It has an attractive design and can be customized with your company logo. For the Contactless version it is also available with the touchscreen feature, giving the player the chance to choose the promotion they want to participate in. It can display also promotional materials for a more effective marketing campaign.

Cash dispenser – we know the organizers’ difficulties encountered in finding dedicated, trustworthy staff with responsible behavior towards the workplace. Not least are cases where employees violate their obligations and are guilty of missing amounts in cash desk. In this situation the cash dispenser is the ideal solution; customers can receive cashouts in complete confidentiality through the cash dispenser and staff access to money is restricted, avoiding the risk of fraud.

Automatic Tombola system – is the component that can be integrated into Player Tracking module, allowing players to receive tombola tickets automatically, printed directly into the drawing box.
Introducing the automated tombola system you will considerably reduce the time lost by employees providing tickets to players and this feature will make it easier for customers to take part in the promotional campaigns you make, giving them more confidence and bringing added value to your company.

You have a problem? Assign the NEWTON task force to it!