Roxana Dinescu

Talking to Roxana Dinescu, Marketing & PR Manager BETANO Romania, about communication in the online games market

Online entertainment has the advantage of getting immediate reactions and responses from the target audience.

➤ What does communication / marketing in online gambling mean and how important is it?
Communication is the basis of all interpersonal relationships and, implicitly, of business ones. And for a brand, regardless of the industry, communication with the target audiences plays a role of utmost importance. For a very long time we have not been talking only about a unilateral communication, a monologue supported by the brand, in which offers, promotions, products, services are highlighted. In recent years, our role, as marketers, has focused exactly on building a direct dialogue with consumers, on establishing a connection with them, on identifying their needs and desires, in order to respond to them exactly.

I believe that our mission, of industry professionals, is to give a strong voice to the brand we represent, to effectively promote the products and services offered, listening, in turn, to the voices of target consumers. For the online gambling industry, the statement is all the more true as we address customers informed about market offerings, so our constant challenge is to provide entertainment experiences that exceed expectations, surprise and set new market standards.

Marketing translates into delivering the right messages to the right audiences, in line with the brand’s identity, mission and values. We view communication campaigns as a representative who wears the brand’s clothes, so our strategic direction is focused on always putting ourselves in the place of customers, in order to better understand consumer behaviors and the topics or actions they react to. In this sense, we develop and implement personalized, complex campaigns, designed to respond to identified consumption trends.

In addition, the reaction and response time of any brand must be adapted to market dynamics. This is very simple to translate from a pragmatic point of view – as in any interpersonal relationship, you need to know that you can rely on your partner’s speed of reaction, on his orientation to find solutions that meet your needs. I believe that this is a key element in helping to differentiate a brand and maintain a long-term relationship with its target audiences.

➤ How do online gambling consumers differ from traditional gambling consumers and what methods of attraction work for them?
Online entertainment has this great advantage of getting immediate reactions and responses from the target audience. And for us, a brand that is 100% present in the online environment, this allows us to adapt in real time to the needs of consumers.

We operate in an extremely dynamic and competitive market, so what attracts online gambling consumers is the complete casino experience that they can access anytime, from anywhere, from any device. We offer our consumers online entertainment, an impressive selection of games, from many providers, we organize various tournaments and special campaigns. At Betano Casino, you get surprises every day, because our goal is to provide customers with all the resources they need to relax when they want. And accessibility is the main aspect of differentiating between online and traditional consumers – the ability to enter the casino universe at any time of the day, wherever they are.

Roxana Dinescu, Marketing & PR Manager BETANO Romania
Roxana Dinescu

➤ What is the future of traditional gambling?
The last year has boosted the gambling market even more, and online has grown considerably. The restrictions imposed by the authorities and the whole social context have led to an orientation of consumers in agencies and physical casinos in the online environment, and this will have a major impact on the development of the industry. We do not believe that there will be such a clear separation between online customers and traditional customers and that, like industry operators who have focused on an omni-channel presence, customers will also become omni-channel, and the market will no longer be shared only online and offline.

➤ Roxana Dinescu, what does it mean to be the best gaming platform in the world?
BETANO is a premium brand, and this feature is not only present in the marketing and communication campaigns we develop, but also in the product experience. I am proud that in 2019, BETANO, part of the Kaizen Gaming group, received international recognition at the EGR Awards Gala, the Oscar for online games, becoming the best mobile online casino platform and sports betting in the world.

In 2020, at the Peak Performance Marketing Awards, BETANO won a new series of awards that recognize our status as a top operator, with higher standards of responsibility and premium services. The four awards won have strengthened our leading position in terms of performance, innovation and efficiency and we are proud that, in the four years of the competition, BETANO is the first company in the industry to receive the Peak Awards.

The moment you are passionate about what you do and resonate with the vision and values of the company you belong to, all these brand successes, all the recognition obtained, along with the feedback received from users only motivate you even more, to rejoice and give you a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. For me, the position of Marketing Manager – Brand & Communications represents the honor of being able to manage complex projects, based on innovation, cutting-edge technology, responsible gaming, in a dynamic and challenging environment.

➤ Did you feel the winning of these prizes in terms of the number of players?
For us, the selection and implementation of the most innovative and secure technologies has always been a priority, so we focus on the constant communication of these issues, using the most appropriate media channels. These awards won by BETANO certify that our development and communication strategy is an effective one, proving that our efforts rank us among the leaders of the digital world. In the almost five years of the brand’s presence on the Romanian market, we have achieved unique performances in terms of the number of users and the number of searches registered, so we will continue to focus on approaching a business strategy that keeps us the same. ascending trend.

Talking to Roxana Dinescu, Marketing & PR Manager BETANO Romania, about communication in the online games market