Gambee was established in 2010 as a group of gaming industry enthusiasts with more than 15 years of experience in developing and production of electronic roulettes decided to start on their own entrepreneurial path. Their combined know-how in gaming technology, new product development and the casino industry has enabled them to hit the ground running, penetrating the world casino markets almost immediately with the predecessor of today’s Grand Prix roulette series.
The company’s growth has been steady ever since the year it was founded, with a substantial acceleration that started in 2016. That was the year the company benefited from a major financial investment, providing for a streamlined new product development, purchase of a much larger and contemporary production facility, and a more aggressive new market penetration.
Gambee is set on the path of success it has already laid out since its founding, banking mostly on the extremely high quality of its products, the innovative new products and the dedication, know-how and creativity of its team.
The Grand Prix series is Gambee’s flagship product, boasting a superior level of comfort that has proven its value in over 500 different installations all over the world.

Gambee topper

You can count on the Grand Prix to reliably and consistently entertain players in surprisingly long playing sessions.
Without compromising on the player-centric design, the Grand Prix is also extremely modular and easy to maintain, incorporating only tried and tested high-end technology.
Supreme Roulette series reliably engages players with an extremely appealing design, combining a generous 27” monitor with a very modest footprint.

The Supreme series has also been designed to enable enhanced ease of manipulation for maintenance and servicing purposes.
Like all of the Gambee products, Supreme Roulette series is also built with a minimal number of components, using exclusively tried and tested high-end technology.
The Supreme Slot is built to pull the players into the game and immerse them in a virtual reality, projected on a huge 43” curved screen with 4K resolution and an audio experience that will take the players into a whole new world.

The proprietary multigame mix, developed specifically for the superior graphics and audio systems of the Supreme Slot, will make the players forget about the outside world. The gaming experience does not get any more immersive than this.
While designed for player immersion, Supreme Slot is also extremely operator-friendly. Its smart design enables simple access for maintenance and its optimized industrial-grade components provide simplified service and shortest downtime.

Company name is Proizbira d.o.o. and headquarters are located in Slovenia (EU), Partizanska cesta 121, SI-6210 Sežana
phone: +386 5 330 9291
fax: +386 5 330 9203

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