DGL PRO SRL manufacturer brings to the attention of the public the fact that the organizers of slot-machine gambling (both unlimited stakes and winnings, as well with limited gains) have the obligation to connect means of games of this type by a standard serial communication protocol.

According to Government Decision no. 111/2016 approving the Methodological Norms for implementing Government Emergency Ordinance no. 77/2009 on the organization and operation of gambling ( “Methodological Norms”), the legislature expressly provided that the means of game through which the slot-machine activity with unlimited stakes and winnings operate must be connected by a standard serial communication protocol which does not use analog signals taken from the signal generator for electromechanical meters, serial type, to a centralized computer system, in accordance with the order of the President of ONJN, this obligation of compliance to be carried out within 12 months from the date of entry into force of the methodological norms.
However, take into account the fact that in drafting the provisions previously mentioned was not envisaged that, in practice, some of the means of playing slot-machine (both with unlimited stakes and winnings as well as with limited gains) have incorporated types Videomultigame Club Master 1.2 and 3 boards. In this regard, the undersigned, as the manufacturer of means of games of this type and holder of License class II, authorized under statutory provisions, we inform the public that we have not done the technical development of these boards since 2013.

Consequently, the boards Videomultigame Club Master 1,2 and 3 type, produced by the underwritten and incorporated into certain means of slot machine-type game (both in unlimited stakes and gains as well as the type of limited winnings) currently used by the organizers of the game licensed by the National Gambling Office (hereinafter, “ONJN”) are not capable, technically, to communicate via serial standardized protocol implemented in the game program by the manufacturer. The only board able to communicate via a standardized serial communication protocol (as required by the law mentioned above) is Videomultigame Hot Shot board.
Transmission of data collected for the Videomultigame Club Master 1,2 or 3 type of boards, incorporated in the means of game, is not made by this type of board through standardized serial protocol, implemented by the game program by the manufacturer, but this type of communication and data transfer is made exclusively through Hot Shot Videomultigame board.
Moreover, in addition to being unable for the boards type Videomultigame Club Master 1,2 or 3 to ensure the transmission of data collected through standardized serial protocol, the integrity, security and veracity of data obtained through them can not be ensured, with the risk that the data thus obtained being untrue.
Thus, in the extent that the Romanian Office of Legal Metrology (“BRML”) certifies, technically, Videomultigame Club Master 1,2 or 3 board types, and, respectively ONJN issues an operating permit for the game means which have incorporated Videomultigame Club Master 1,2 or 3 boards, the undersigned, as manufacturer, assumes no responsibility of any kind for any breaches of the law expressly provided in the methodological norms regarding the obligation to interconnect slot-machine means of game through standardized serial communication protocol.

Also, the undersigned disclaims and does not assume any responsibility of any kind, on any and all legal consequences that could arise from and / or about the issues detailed above.
We note that this issue is important for organizers of slot-machine gambling, which are unable to fulfill their legal obligation of interconnecting their means of playing by a serial communication protocol to the unique computer system and its connection to the terminal located at ONJN or at the location it indicates, and this aspect can attract a number of legal consequences for organizers of games.
Consequently, in order to identify and implement a solution able to solve this issue and ensure compliance of legal provisions with the technical realities, the undersigned made this step to inform on this situation, both the public concerned and the competent authorities.


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