The winner in ‚The Class’ tournament, organized by the Vesuvius Casino in Brasov, was very kind to give us a short and exclusive interview to our magazine ‚Casino Life & Business Magazine’. Here below is what Radu Lungu told us –

– How do you feel now, after winning ‘The Clash’ tournament?
– I feel good. I have won other tournaments before, it is not the first or the last one.

– What are you going to do with the prize, namely 23,020 RON?
– To be honest, nothing special.

– At the tournament in the Vesuvius Casino, ladies brought you good luck… Is it true for each of your days?
– Yes, of course. I also have two ladies at home. I am married and have a daughter.

– What is the next tournament you will be part of?
– I do not know, do not have an already set agenda. It depends on what is coming my way.

– Do you know our publication – ‘Casino Life & Business Magazine’? What do you think about it? Any thoughts for our readers? A piece of advice for the poker players?
– I do know the magazine very well, I browse through it every time I put my hands on it. It is the magazine that the gambling industry needs. To your readers – I tell them to take delight in reading the articles in there. It is a sure thing that they will get their daily information about gambling. As for the poker players, my advice for them is to enjoy the poker game, not to do it solely for money.


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