China Int’l Vending Machines & Self-service Facilities Fair 2017 (China VMF2017)
Date: March 1st-3rd, 2017

VMF 2016 was successfully held in China Import and Export Fair Complex on March 9-11.

More than 300 government agencies, media reporters attended the opening ceremony on March 9, famous representatives inculding Yu Enze, president of Asian Pacific Vending Industry Association; Xu Haidong, secretary-general of APVA; Zheng Zhengchun, president of Taiwan Vending Machine Council; Wang Zhaoyun, chairman of Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group; Zhou Zirong, general manager of Guangzhou Convenisun Technology Co., Ltd., Yuan Jie, executive vice president of Kubota Vending Machine (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Fuyumi Kitasato, president of TKB, ect.

Covered the exhibition area of 8,000 square meters with 350 booths, China VMF 2016 attracted more than 80 exhibitors including Joyi Vendor, Ubox, Easy-touch, Junpeng Vending, TCN, Doingji, TKB, CPI, Kubota, Fulei, Fuji Electric and so on. Divided into three major thematic exhibition areas: Manufacturer Equipment, Operators & Dealers, and Food & Beverage Suppliers, various of vending machines, integrated systems and supplies, multi-functional self-pay stations, self-service products, terminal monitor systems and so on were displayed on China VMF 2016. Manager Zhang, who is in charge of China VMF 2016, said that 70% of the top ten operators in China participated in this exhibition and the products they displayed attracted a lot of international enterprises and purchasers.

Vending Machine Market to Be the Next Gold Mine in China

According to a research done by Kantar Retail, when GDP per capita reaches 10,000 USD, the demand for vending machines will soon explode. Data suggests that by 2015, regions with populations of at least 390 million in China can measure up to this standard.


Exponential Growth in Quantity and Sales
−In America, the ratio of vending machines to convenience stores is 30:1. It has been estimated that by 2020, there will be up to 46,000 convenience stores in China. If by that time China’s vending machine market can be at the same development level of that in America, there will be 138 million vending machines in China. Besides, by 2015 there were 150,000 vending machines, 15 times more than 2011. If the market keeps growing at this rate, 138 million vending machines are easily achievable.

Future Development Trends
Not only the growth rate of China’s vending machine market is predicted, its development trends have also been pointed out by Kantar Retail, and they are as follows:
−Variety and healthy lifestyle will be the main focus.
−China will be at the frontier of smart vending machines and mobile payment.
−Vending machines for exclusive brands will be ubiquitous.
−Vending machines will be used for new product and brand promotion.
−Vending machines will be seen everywhere.


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