China: 914 mainland suspects “turned themselves in” for cross-border gambling crimes after a major nation-wide operation.

A total of 914 suspects had “turned themselves in” for cross-border gambling crimes in China.

Following a major nation-wide operation in mainland China against cross-border gambling, resulting in an incredible sum of 110,000 arrests, authorities demanded further suspects to turn themselves in. The government published a list of suspect they promised a more lenient punishment if they turned themselves in before April 30. 914 individuals have now come forth. The ministry has dubbed the operation a “considerable success”. The 914 suspects are now demanded to insist in further investigations.

Law enforcement described the ones aprehended to be “backer and investors of the gaming groups outside China that solicit our people to gamble”. No further specifications on those groups were disclosed, according to GGR Asia.

China’s amended criminal code, that outlaws the assistance of “cross-border gambling”, came into effect on March 1 this year.

Earlier this month, more than 17,000 criminal cross-border gambling cases were investigated, resulting in more than 110,000 suspects being arrested. The large-scale incarceration frenzy has caused the upwards trend of the phenomenon to reverse.

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