Over a hundred participants attended the opening of the 4th edition of the international seminar with free participation “The exact time in Gambling”, a seminar held during the second day of the 10th edition of the Entertainment Arena Expo.
As it happened the last edition of the fair dedicated to the gaming industry in our country, Entertainment Arena Expo, our magazine, Casino Life & Business Magazine has organized this year also, the international free of charge seminar “The Exact time in Gambling” which had great success since its first edition.


“The Exact Time in Gambling” seminar was held during the second day of the Entertainment Arena Expo on September 6, the most important and busiest day of the exhibition.

Being the reference point in the agenda of those who attended the Entertainment Arena Expo, the event was treated as being the only opportunity for participants to be updated, for free, with the latest news and current affairs in the gaming industry in Romania.
This year’s seminar was divided into two parts: during the first part, event partners have made several presentations which were very interesting about their products and in the second part, those present were briefed on the latest legislative or accounting developments inside the industry of gambling. During both parts, participants could ask questions, everything taking part in an interactive way, in an informal atmosphere, specific to the events organized by Casino Life & Business Magazine.


The same as in previous events organized by our magazine, this edition of the seminar “The exact time in Gambling” was also attended by representatives of the National Office for Gambling.
In the first part of the event, that dedicated to the partners, the following people took the floor: Marius Stoi – DGL PRO CEO, Daniel Ionita – Technical Director of Novomatic Romania and Dorian Buzea – General Manager of DAB Auto Serv, JEEP concessionaire.

In the second part of the seminar, one dedicated to new developments in the gambling industry in Romania, the following took the floor: Mihăiță Ruiu – General manager of the Directorate for Authorizations ONJN, Ana-Maria Badea – Deputy Manager of the Directorate of Authorizations ONJN, Anchidim Zăgrean – Vice President of ROMBET, Cristian Pascu – Executive Chairman AOPJNR, Viorela Rădoi – Executive Director of ROMSLOT and Doru Gheorghiu – Executive Director of Bookmakers Romanian.

Attendees could learn, among other things, about both the number of licensed operators in Romania, in all sectors of the gambling industry, amount of taxes paid by them to the State Budget, number of existing workforce, and solving problems related to the fact that gambling is classified as a service to which value added tax may not apply.

The entire event was exceptionally moderated by Dan Iliovici – ROMBET’s Senior Vice President.
The partners who helped create this 4th edition were the following: companies DGL PRO, NOVOMATIC, JEEP, DAB Auto Serv, including ROMBET Association. The media partner feature was assumed as always by BURSA newspaper, the newspaper for business people.

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