OKTO.CASH launch set to offer an seamless in-app, easy and secure payment method to Parimatch players in Cyprus.

OKTO, a leading fintech company powering digital payments, has launched its OKTO.CASH seamless in-app payment method in Cyprus with Parimatch.

The leading fintech firm offers Parimatch players a new physical-to-digital payment method, allowing them to top-up their online gaming account with cash through any point of sale of OKTO’s partnering POS network in a safe, secure and fast way. OKTO.CASH uniquely designed to deliver an exceptional experience that is entirely seamless throughout the top-up process, with funds accessible in real-time without exiting the gaming app or site. The solution offers players both convenience and ease of use while also takes them on a digital journey in the physical world.

Parimatch is equipped with a flexible and agile solution, benefiting from OKTO’s proprietary technology that is fully integrated into Parimatch mobile app and website, as well as from OKTO’s wide network of point-of-sales in Cyprus.

Alongside, the betting operator benefits from the OKTO’s payment platform, which enables merchants to easily accept payments in real-time, as well as provide them with an automated settlement reports and invoicing.

Fotis Psindrides, Country Manager at OKTO, said: “Our partnership with Parimatch is fully aligned with our mission to provide users with the capabilities to transact across multiple channels seamlessly and securely, and our operator and merchant partners with reliable, resilient and seamless payment solutions tailored for their market’s need.

OKTO.CASH is the driving force by converging online payments and cash, and we are thrilled to expand in Cyprus through our cooperation with Parimatch. The addition of OKTO.CASH payment method will further diversify the brand’s payments offering, providing an intuitive mobile-first experience for the players.”

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