The system is a real benefit, at an affordable price, and invaluable
for the companies exploiting gaming cabinets in small and medium rooms where the owners do not have permanent access but wish to have data in real time about their earnings and how the equipment is running.

The system reads, records and transmits the input and output meters, on a regular basis or upon the request. The equipment turning on and off, the opening of the side door, the exceeding of a threshold of payments, earnings or other critical events can be signaled in real time and very convenient by SMS.

The SMS is the venue that will help the owner turn on/off or switch to service mode each apparatus, in order to allow their troubleshooting and even change some of the system settings without him having to be present on the site.

The conveyed data benefit from the inherent security and the confidentiality of the GSM systems, as the access to the system is allowed from two preset telephone numbers only.

The system also has the version where the data are periodically transmitted to a preset FTP server, hence the owner is able to do various statistics of usage or notice the unusual activities (payments at times where the equipment should not operate or too high payments at times of the day that are usually idle).

The data visualization is possible from any device connected to the internet and FTP: tablet, computer, smartphone; without the FTP, a regular mobile phone is sufficient.

Currently, we are working on the upgrade to an advanced system that includes all the functions mentioned above, adding the local and global Jackpot.

The communication between the server and the apparatus is two-way and it is possible by the SAS protocol, so that the earning is automatically forwarded to the player’s credit.

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