Am început anul

We started the year, as we finished it, in first place in all media chapters that are interesting both for us and for our partners.

Year-to-date data from, the most “trendy” and reliable Internet monitoring body, shows a substantial increase in traffic on, the growth which is more important as it was measured between the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023, the period in which everyone was, more with the thought of parties, vacations or gifts and less about news, especially from the world of gambling.

Thus, according to during Dec. 27 2022 – Jan 3 2023 the increase in hourly traffic was 12.45% reaching an average number of 62.53 unique visitors per hour which means more than 45,000 unique visitors per month compared to 50.08 unique visitors per hour and about 36,000 registered in the Christmas period, i.e. between December 20-27, 2022.

Comparatively, the only one, let’s call it “follower”, Casino Inside being a huge distance behind with (if possible!) remarkable drops in traffic.

Date: Dec, 20-27, 2022

Date: Dec 27, 2022 – Jan 03, 2023

Basically, the website revolves around a traffic, not at all enviable or usable, of about 3000 unique visitors per month.

The databases of Casino Life & Business Magazine, both with addresses from Romania and with addresses from abroad, had, in the same period, increases of over 15%.

Regarding Casino Life & Business Magazine’s other social media channels, the situation is as follows:


the Casino Life & Business Magazine profile has a quasi-stationary position:
– 14,473 fans

the Casino Online group
– 37,900 members

Events in Bucharest group
– 18,400 members

the Norocul Meu group has developed a remarkable growth
– 3,200 members


tv channel Casino Life & Business Magazine is growing slowly but organically
– 728 subscribers


Instagram, Tik-Tok and Twitter are growing organically and the numbers are encouraging.

So we start the year under particularly good auspices and invite you to use all these channels to grow your online business.

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