The bedrock of the Newton Slots brand in an exclusive interview for Casino Life & Business Magazine, the first gambling magazine in Romania

Why in the gambling sector and how did you end up liking this world?
The gambling world is in a constant move and development. It is a field where you always must be aware of the latest… and how could you not like that?
I started in gambling in 2008, after meeting Dragos Buriu. We had had been initially partners in different projects.
I really like this world since it makes you grow professionally and nothing is typical.

You are one of the pivotal people at Newton Slots. What does that mean to you?
It is a true honor and definitely you can have such recognition in any field just by being reliable and hard worker. We are a team and each of us is important.

How do you get along with the the other representatives in the gambling world? Men and women…
The relation with the other representatives in the gambling sector is similar with how I relate to the other fields. As far as we are concerned, the needs of our clients hold the first position. While we manage to cater to them and improve our standards on a permanent basis, we will have satisfying and long-term connections; it really does not matter whether they are men or women.

Are the men in the gambling field mysoginists?
No. The truth is that I have never had any such problems.

What is Newton Slots for you?
Newton Slots is the place where I am growing professionally, as there are always new things coming up and I have to soak them up….as I already said, everything is in a constant move and I will not complain about it. To do what you like equals professional success.

What makes this company original?
I do not know whether ‚original’ is the best choice of words, but I see it as a reliable and in a permanent progress entity.

What is the novelty from Newton for this year?
We have already launched two new products on the market, the JACKPOT SYSTEM and the MONITORING SYSTEM.
The new Jackpot System has been adjusted to the demands of our clients and many functions have been thus integrated in it, which makes it challenging and competitive and even a must on the gambling market.
– the minimum bet function – a minimum bet can be set in which the jackpot is not awarded, thus avoiding the situations when the winners are playing very small stakes.
– the minimum players per room function – a minimum number of players can be set to be in the playing room when a jackpot is being assigned.
– Happy Hour function – the principle is simple and well-known. Within a certain time interval, a pre-established number of fixed amount prices are being awarded. For instance, an organizer can set 10 prizes in one hour, which means that every 6 minute, a prize will be granted.
The MONITORING SYSTEM – The system allows to visualize a list with the locations of the organizers, which includes all the information asked by the interface (the location address, ins and outs, the time of the last game, the last bet, the time of resetting and the collection time, how many games are being played at a certain moment, the winning award percentage). There can be devised, at request, reporting forms in dependence on the needs of each operator).
I invite the readers and the ones interested in the above to visit our site at and stop by at our location to see and test the two products.

What are the future plans for making Newton Slots brand thrive? What about yours?
The gambling manufacturing is in a direct connection with the equipment exploitation and the current legislation, which stipulates very high fees – and still growing – so we will develop the software production that will help our clients to monitor and make the exploitation more efficient. The purpose is to have minimum loss due to frauds and faulty management and not to pay additional fees.
For me, I want to stay healthy and only do things that make me happy in both my career and my private life.

What do you wish for yourself from the month of March, or so-called the women’s month? But from the year of 2014?
I want this March be a nice spring month when we, the women, be loved deeply.
I would like this year be better than the one before, this is my only wish with every year that comes.

Have you ever had doubts and wanted to give it all up?
No,not at all. I am an optimistic person and I truly believe that there is a solution out there for any difficult time.

What is your greatest accomplishment? Your defeat?
My greatest personal triumph is my son. He gives me strength to go beyond my limits and be professionally competitive. No failures for me, I like what I am today.

Can you send a final thought to the readers of our publication, Casino Life & Business Magazine?
I wish them to do their best to be happy every day!

Thank you and good luck in your venture!

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