This fall, Casino in Sinaia turned one hundred since its opening night and it is still one of the most amazing locations in our country, filled with history.

Today, Casino in Sinaia is a cordial host to numerous corporate events like conferences, symposiums, conventions and meetings, both national and international. It seems to be number one favorite when it comes to a place for exhibitions of plastic arts and photography, books launching workshops, concerts and shows.

The Casino is located in the ‚Dimitrie Ghica’ Park and was built upon the initiative of Carol I. The construction started in 1912 and ended a year later. Architect Petre Antonescu supervised the works, on top of being the author of the building plans.

The first stakeholder of the Casino was Baron of Marcay, who also held the same position at the Monte Carlo Casino, which was the architectural model for the Sinaia edifice.

In vogue with the rich

The opening of the Casino marked an exquisite event, hosted by Alexandru Davilla, who welcomed the Romanian Royal Family and Titu Maiorescu. The evening ended with a George Enescu concert and fireworks worth remembering.

Shortly after, the imposing building of the Casino turned into a mecca for the rich people. Both men and women were trying their luck at roulette, baccara, black-jack, rummy, chess, backgammon and Nine Men’s Morris in the elegant casino rooms.

Crowds of players

Every day, the Casino was greeting a number of over 800 players. They could either play roulette in the Mirrors’ Hall, lunch or dine at the restaurant-bar or – valid for the wealthiest – gamble in a ‘sale privee’ (private room).

The seduction of the place was so intense that, even when they had lost huge amounts of money, women would still bet their jewellery and men their gold-chained watches.

At the weekends, special trains were travelling from Bucharest to Sinaia, to help players get there. The Casino has turned soon into a must-go-there place of the resort. Hotels and restaurants were built around it, which changed the town at the foothill of Bucegi to a luxury spot.

Closed down during war

Once a place for various events, the Casino in Sinaia was closed down during the WWII. In 1955, it became the main office for the Cultural Center and hosted many theatre and folk music shows among others. Currently, it is the house for the International Convention Center, equipped with up-to-date 12 rooms that are suitable for all types of events.

The Casino in Sinaia is a building that mixes old with new, classical with modern. It is an emblem for the mountain resort and a site worth visiting.


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