During the E-Arena fair, Mr. Thomas Niehenke, Chief Operating Officer (COO) with Merkur Gaming Germany answered exclusively to our questions.
Hello and welcome in Romania to E-Arena fair.
1. Which is your opinion regarding the Romanian gambling market?
The market is healing after the economic crisis and my feeling is that the market is recovering. So, we will have a quite substantial future.
2. So, you think in Romania is a future in this market?
For sure. Together with our products, of course…
3. Which is your opinion about the Entertainment Arena Show, the gambling fair in Romania?
I’m not really happy because I’ve seen no outdoor advertisment; I’ve seen nothing to inform the market concerning this fair. So, in the future they should spend more money for marketing to increase the number of visitors for this fair.
4. If you can tell us which is your best market?
Merkur Gaming business was mainly based in Europe during the past. We started two years ago to increase our international activities and for the moment our best market beside Italy and Spain in Europe are some markets in South America and Africa are increasing day by day.
5. So, South America is coming very quick on top!
Yes, South America is a really increasing market for us.
6. And what about Africa?
Oh, we just started and we’ll launch a corporation in South Africa and this also includes some other states in Africa. And also there we see a good future.
7. Which is your best selling product if you can tell us?
Our customers are really convinced by the slant top, from the design and this product we are selling on each market at very high level.
8. Is this a general well selling product or it is particular, for different markets?
It’s a general selling product. For all markets.
9. Also for the Romanian market?
This year yes. It is our best selling product even in Romania. We started this year to sell it in this market, and according to the orders I’ve seen up to now it will be the best sold product during this fair.
10. Can you tell us if there is any difference between the business Merkur generated in Romania in comparison with the business Merkur generated in other countries?
I don’t see this kind of big differences between Romania and other markets because the needs of the customers are high quality of the content and the shields. So, it is always the same.
11. Are the Romanian clients more sophisticated? Are they asking for different kind of functions of the machines?
It is all over the world the same. The customers are interested in machines which are producing money. This is the only issue. The machine should entertain the customer and convince the customer.
Thank you very much and we wish you good luck!
Thank you!


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