The Romanian Gaming Association of Organizers and Producers hosted

The ‚Gambling today’ symposium

The Golden Tulip Ana Dome in Cluj hosted the event staged by the Romanian Gaming Association of Organizers, while the symposium topic was upheld by Mr. Cristian Pascu, Executive Director.

A number of 32 gaming companies (slot machines) and producers in Cluj and neigboring counties attended the symposium. The event aimed to provide the possibility to the organizers of slot machines-type games, bingo and gaming equipment to be brought up to date about the current issues in this sector.

The Romanian Gaming Association of Organizers and Producers has been before involved in such events to take place at the beginning of this year, such as the Romanian Gambling Conference, coordinated by our publication, ‘Casino Life & Business Magazine’.

The event in Cluj, A.O.P.J.N.R, is trying to steer the focus towards the territory, as a feedback to the direct requests formulated by the gaming organizers and producers throughout the country.

The objective of the ‚Gambling today’ symposium is to initiate an open dialogue to involve all the participants and to render a blanket vision of their field of expertise. Nowadays, when the gambling industry in Romania is feeling hard the changes in the legislation, the excessive fiscal policies and the ambiguity of many normative documents, it is imperative to have all the operators reunite in order to share the same vision and undertake national actions to incite this field and hoist it up to the present international standards.

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